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Slot Machines: Missing in Action

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two slot machines seemed to have vanished into thin air.


Slot machines are large, heavy objects with a legitimate amount of weight to them.  We all enjoy playing them at the casinos, but who would go to the effort of dragging one of these objects home with them?  This is the question on the minds of baffled Caesars casino owner’s in beautiful Atlantic City, New Jersey.

One would be reasonable their belief that casinos should keep good track of one of their most valuable money making machines.  In this case, two machines seemingly disappeared into thin air.  Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of transporting slot machines, forgot to remember where they put them.  How could something that large simply end up missing?  Much to the dismay of Caesar’s Casino, The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement publicly held Caesars casino responsible for their costly mishap.

Misplaced Luck

The location of the missing casino machines are currently being debated.  Somehow, instead of being placed safely in storage, the machines were either stolen or lost along the way.  It seems almost impossible that this situation could have gone unnoticed, leading many to believe the machines were illegally sold.  Without a trail, the apparent lack of evidence makes penalizing any specific employee close to impossible.

The casino got themselves into further trouble with the law, by continuing to file statements that indicated all of their machines were legitimately accounted for.  Their lack of knowledge and penchant for divulging false information, cost them thousands of hard earned dollars.  Though the hefty fines have not resulted in anyone coming forth with information, the issue has been settled with the Garden State’s Gaming Enforcement Department.

Traveling Slot Machines

Though it seems impossible that two slot machines would go missing, it has happened in this popular New Jersey gambling town.  No one knows where the machines are, they could have gotten to Mexico by now.  One things for sure, the gamblers on the other end of the slot machine are way luckier than the owners of Caesar Casino, who are $5,000 in the hole due to this unfortunate snafu.

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