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Slot Machines Struggle in August Without Labor Day WEEKEND

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slot machines have taken a hit when it comes to their revenue.

The growing trend in the casino world is the slow decline in monthly revenue from slot machines. This is not to say they are losing money but the fact that each year the decline in slot machine intake seems to indicate a growing distrust with the machines. Many casinos have taken the initiative to search for alternative options to slot machines. The skill based machines which look to be debuted throughout the United States here in the coming months will be the first step in finding a viable solution to the growing trend. Casinos have made more money from tables over the last decade than ever before and this continues to grow annually.

The slot machines play a significant role in the casino because it allows not gamblers and small time gamblers to take their time and enjoy the ambiance of the casino. Many of these players are usually younger or older either way lately they have not be interested in the slots who pay out off chance and luck. The amount of money you can sit and enjoy at the slots have changed since casinos have made slots least likely to payout big sums of money.

Over the Labor Day weekend Casinos saw a significant drop in the revenue of the slot machines in August. This is predominantly caused by the late holiday weekend which did not fall on the 1st of September as it usually does which usually draws big numbers for the final days of August. The fact that Labor Day was on the 7th this year moved all of the revenue into this month so those numbers won’t be calculated until October. Casinos reported to be down nearly 2% from last year’s revenue of August which is usually one of the most profitable months of the year. A %2 decrease may not seem like much but when you are use to a certain number and you don’t reach it concern starts to creep in. We will see what the numbers for September will imply and go from there.

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