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Slot Play: More Presley, Please

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elvis continues to captivate audiences.

In 1977 slot machines began adding pop-culture references to their repertoire.  The fun game show “Wheel of Fortune” was debuted as the first slot brand, closely followed by the release of a more serious game show…”Jeopardy!”  The success of these gaming brands in slot play led executives to introduce an Elvis themed slot machine in 1998.  Decades after Elvis Presley’s untimely demise, and over 10 years after the first Elvis slot machine was introduced, patrons still want more.

Elvis is continuing to entertain audiences by the masses with noisy, colorful slot machines.  Consumers refer to him as The King, that pseudonym is becoming ever more evident as the years progress.  Head of International Gaming Technology, Jean Venneman speaks proudly as she recalls the very first decision to create an Elvis themed gaming machine- “I was involved in the very first conversation about investigating the creation of an Elvis-branded game.  It just hit us. Elvis is such a broadly known icon, and his appeal is timeless. And he had such an association with Las Vegas that he particularly appealed to the gaming audience. It seemed to make sense.”

Miss Venneman was right, because not only was the original gaming system responsible for an increase in customers, but still is.  Elvis continues to travel the globe in slot machine form.  From Vegas, to Atlantic City, casino goers pay to play Elvis slot machines.  They receive bonuses during certain rounds and are rewarded with The King’s famous pelvic thrust.  As he dances across the slot machine’s low-quality video system, customers cheer with glee.

The Future of Presley Fever 

With the popular slot machine’s impressively successful history, both past and present, International Gaming Technology suspects it will remain a popular attraction.  They predict that since it has been a thriving casino game for over three decades, it will continue to rake in the big bucks.  At this point in time, Elvis has danced his way across oceans, all the way to Japan.  Is there anyone on this planet who does not know who Elvis is?  It is doubtful there is an individual who is not swayed by The King’s handsome charm and prominent good looks.

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