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Smoke Shops in Nevada Getting Slots

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tribes to get slots in their smoke shops in Nevada next.

The decision has been made to put slot machines in many of the smoke shops throughout Nevada. Many of the people that frequent and purchase items from these smoke shops are able to go in and have a bit more fun when it comes to coming out with a little something more than this smokes. They are able to get the ability to win on some of the biggest jackpots out there and bring home the extra cash without having to visit a casino to do so.

This is of course, going to be on a much smaller scale compared to what the casino floors have on them. It is going to show to turn a profit though, and it can be something that is paid to the government in the end, allowing them to make additional money from those running the smoke shops. The owners of the smoke shops are also going to be ones that are making more money from the slot machines that they put throughout their establishments for their visitors to use to win some cash, and spend some cash.

This seems like an ideal place to put slot machines, compared to the gas stations that have the slots in them illegally. At least the smoke shops are doing something about providing their visitors with a little more to do, a little more for the state and the economy and all making sure to do so illegally. These are being put in throughout the next few months since they do not want to waste time and slot machines are easier to bring in and use whenever needed.

The decision comes from the Te-Moak Tribe that owns a few smoke shops and wants to add to their collection of jobs. This is something that can be done on the land, and with the permission from the state, they are able to legally provide these machines to those that visit. This is an exciting time for them and everyone wishes them the best of luck, even though slots are not what is losing money throughout the country.

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