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Talking to the Man That Knows the Future of Slots

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New slot machines are the new thing within casinos.

When it comes to going to a casino, the younger people are not by the slot machines most of the time. This is because they feel that these machines are ‘boring’ and do not give them much skill and a better outcome for winning. It doesn’t draw them in, and it doesn’t provide them with the thrill they are looking for when it comes to visiting a casino. The table games provide this for most of them, but that means the slots are lacking in players for many casinos.

The change has come, and one man that thinks he knows how to fix this problem has spoken out about the changes…

David Kestenbaum speaks about the younger generation, and how they think that slots are for zombies that wish to push a button and stare at a bright screen all night long. This is not what the younger generation is looking for. They want more than chance, they want skill, they want a challenge and the ability to actually do something, besides push a button, watch, push a button and watch.

This is not the only part of the casino that is having a hard time boosting their appeal and their players. A lot of younger people go to casinos, but only 2% of those playing the slots are under the age of 35. This is just an older people’s game, and something that the generation doesn’t want to play anymore. The excitement has fizzled out, probably from the high stimulation items that are currently on the market that provide them with more fun.

This is not all, it seems that chance based games of all kinds are declining through the years with younger people. Not many of them want to play the lottery anymore. This is just too big of a chance. The problem might be that the odds are too low for them to actually want to put their money in and try to get a chance at winning the large outcome.

However, this is a problem that is being fixed because the developers are looking for ways to provide a challenge for those younger generations. They are hoping to release them soon.

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