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Taverns Have High Slot Income, Casinos are Down

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tavern revenue is up compared to casino revenue.

When it comes to the money that slots bring in, so many people want to place them within their place of employment, especially if it is at a bar or tavern. Not only does this mean more money for this business, but it also means that so many more people are going to come, have a few drinks and be able to play the games that they want to play – without having a care in the world – which means more money.

However, this was something that casinos were only able to do. They would provide the alcohol and provide the slots for you to use and then go from there. This was always a big thing to consider when it comes to the casinos. They are offering the slots but so many people are choosing to go to the corner bar and play the slots, since they are now being offered, instead of to the casinos where they have to drive there and get presentable and so on.

This is something that seems to be troubling for a lot of casinos in the area. Can the taverns and bars actually have this type of game within their establishment and the answer would be yes, with those that have the proper licensing and where it is legal to have the machines running. This is starting to be a problem for so many casinos that are dipping down in their revenue. They want to make sure that they are able to move forward and that nothing is lost when the time comes.

With so much debate going around regarding slot machines, there is not a lot out there to say. There is not a lot that can be done and a lot of the casinos are going to have to find new ways to bring in customers. They should make sure to get them in, keep them in and make their casino experience that much better – because right now, the taverns and bars have them beat when it comes to slot machine revenues.

Who would have known?

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