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Texas Rebels Hideaway Slot Machines

Posted by Samantha A. on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Texas is seeing a whole different side of slot machines.

Get ready for a different kind of slot play, unlike the fast paced and highly publicized glamorous wold of Atlantic City,NJ. Somewhere, in a quiet Texas town trouble is brewing in a small, windowless room filled with slot machines and luck. Winning cash from slot machines is illegal in Texas, but the locals have found ways around it. It is legal to own and operate slot machines, but monetary compensation is frowned upon by the local government.

Texas have created a sneaky underground casino industry, drawing in billions of dollars in slot and table play revenue. Authorities are fine with slot play, as long as the winners are compensated with trinkets such as coffee pots or jewelry instead of cash. Local residents took matters into their own hands recently, causing a bit of a stir. Texas residents put their hard earned cash into live slot machines and were rewarded with cash by attendants perusing the room with rubber banded wads of cash. As long as authorities are kept at bay, Texans will test their luck, bringing in a whopping 1.9 billion dollars yearly from slot play.

Hidden in the shadows of old car dealerships, corner stores and abandoned store fronts are buildings that hide gamblers and slot machines. There are an estimated 30,000 to 150,000 slot machines hiding out in the giant state of Texas, much to the dismay of local authorities. Investigators have been attempting to crack down on such businesses, but it hasn’t been so easy. A prior federal prosecutor has stated “It’s like the poor man’s speakeasy in Texas.” Explaining how he tried to shut down quite a few of these shady gambling businesses. Apparently local slot machine shop owners have even been willing to pay off cops to keep their cash flow coming in.

With businesses seemingly appearing and disappearing out of thin air, authorities are having trouble keeping tabs on these lucrative slot machine shops. Will locals get to keep their exciting hobby, or will the Department of Homeland Security win in the end? Only time will tell what future lady luck holds for this Texas town!

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