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The casino “Golden Nugget” brought a lawsuit against the players.

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

The casino in Atlantic City (USA) brought the lawsuit against 14 players. According to ABC, they won $1,5 million and realize that the reason of this was non-shuffled cards. But they found this out only after the winning.

Thу observant clients of the Casino Nugget noticed, that 8 card packs, used on the 30th of April, were not shuffled and the combinations were repeating from time to time. The USA Today reports, that they have guessed the succession, then raised the stake to 5 thousand dollars and have won in baccarat 41 times.

In the end of the day 9 out of 14 lucky guys exchange the price into cash, and the total sum was $558 900. The price, which sum was $977 800, was not converted and remained in the chips form, because the casino managers refused to pay “having suspected a complicated fraud scheme”. The fact that cards, even been claimed shuffled, were actually not shuffled, was revealed only on the 1st of May. The director of Gemaco Company, which produces these cards, reported about it himself.

In the lawsuit, brought to the court of original jurisdiction, the managers mentioned, that parties should have equal chances in the game, that why the casino expects, that chips of Golden Nugget and money will be brought back. But actually there are no evidences of the crime itself.

At the same time the lawyer of the players Benjamin Dash says that the players were not acquainted with each other and the game was played on a fair basis. Furthermore, Dash adds, that 3 players made a counter-claim, claiming that due to their Asian descent (they are Chinese) they were discriminated. Hua Shi, the New York citizen, admitted, that in the night after the game he was attacked. When he was in his suit, he heard the knocking at the door. He opened, and the guard of the casino entered his rooms and searched him. The next 8 hours he was kept in room without an interpreter, food and water. After all of this he was searched one more time.

The casino claims these charges to be “absolutely non-true”. “We value our clients very much and we won’t discriminate them for their nationality” – this is said in the official casino statement. In addition there is a restaurant and a special Asian game zone, which is designed for attracting clients of Asian origin. The cross-claim is groundless, and it is considered as an attempt of players and their lawyers to spoil the casino’s reputation and to get money during the judging process.

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