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The Eudaemons – the physics, who have gained the victory over the roulette

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

The main heroes of this article are actually not frauds, but they used a prohibited method to win a certain sum of money in roulette. But the reason for them was not the desire to win, but to make a discovery and to find the scientific community. The fact that this group existed for a short period of time, only confirmed this idea. But let’s speak in order.

How everything began.

In the end of 70th Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard, two postgraduates from the University of California, decided to find the method of gain victory over the roulette. They have met other enthusiasts. The name of their group was “The Eudaemons”.

This exotic logo was borrowed from eudemonism – an ethic trend. The followers believe that the only moral criterion is the desire to be happy, and this desire is the basis of human’s behaviour. It’s hard to say, were Farmer and Packard the followers of this trend, but they, probably, thought, that the victory over the roulette will make them happy.

During the summer vacation they bought a roulette wheel, and started their researches. They used a camera and oscilloscope in order to track the movements of the ball and to make an appropriate formula. We don’t want to bore our readers with special terms. The only thing we must say, that they actually have succeeded.

The guys made a small computer, which was able to perform the necessary computations during the game. It was small enough, and could be hidden in a shoe. The data could be entered with the big toe. There was a solenoid mechanism, hidden under the shirt, which was vibrating, reporting on which sector the stake should be made.

The field testing.

It is claimed, that it took 2 years to improve the mechanism. In 1978 the guys went to Las Vegas to test their invention. One of the group mates entered the data and the other was making stakes. The system was effective, but sometimes there were some complications. For example, the solenoid started hitting Farmer with current, and once even burnt the skin. In addition the guys were not professional frauds and they didn’t want to risk their careers as scientists. So after the first trip to Las Vegas “The Eudaemons” split up.

Their price was about 10 thousand dollars. You can’t even imagine how much the professional frauds could win with the help of this mechanism. But nevertheless the postgraduates were happy, because they proved that you can win in roulette regularly, while calculating the trajectory of the ball.

There was a report about “The Eudaemons” on the channel History in the series of reports “Breaking Vegas”. They were also mentioned in a TV series “C.S.I.” and in several books about the history of casinos. Nowadays Doyne Farmer is the specialist in probability theory and the professor in the Santa Fe’s institute.

The trend of the “Eudamons” is live and kicking.

The researchers of Cornell University have published a paper, in which they prove the connection between the speed of roulette ball and the place on the wheel, where it will collide with the very first deflector. They created the software, which analyzes the launch and speed and then predicts the result.

The authors claim, that your advantage will be 18 percent. It is interesting, whether we can use this system with every roulette wheel or only with particular models, or should the ball be somehow specific or it actually doesn’t matter and the system is universal?

But there is an interesting fact, that Doyne Farmer, having read the paper, noticed, that “The Eudaemons” have used a similar method. So the security services in real casinos should be prepared to new danger.

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