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The USA – The Republican Party is against online gambling.

Posted by on Friday, September 14, 2012

As you all know, the pre-elective battles are in peak. Actually I mean election company. The Republican Party made a congress. Mitt Romney was chosen be the majority of votes as the candidate for being a President. There were many questions discussed during the congress. The fact of on-line casinos certification was one of them. In some states the on-line sport stakes will be legalized soon. This work is already in the process. For example, this question is discussed in New Jersey.

In some other states, where the stakes are forbidden (except the stakes on horse races) the number of lottery machines, casinos and other gambling houses is increasing. It is clear that these actions have only one goal: the budget’s replenishment. That’s how the gambling industry gets the opportunity to develop. But the laws of the USA are not perfect. Budget loses billions of dollars as a result. Because the native dwellers still attend the betting shops. In addition, they may use the poker sites that are out of the American jurisdiction.
The population of the USA has a pathological addiction to games of chance. This is the fact the republicans believe in. It was mentioned several times during the congress. They believe, that such things destroy the families. They support the ban of all games of chance, which may be found in the Internet. And they demand to cancel the amendments, which somehow help the companies, involved in gambling industry. Those from party believe that these amendments will open the door for still prohibited sport stakes.

The representatives of gambling industry have already commented on the states, proclaimed on the congress. They admitted, that some of the candidates were claiming not so long ago, that the development of the on-line casino industry means no harm. That’s why some representatives claim the results of the congress to be pointless.

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