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There is a New Kind of Slot Machine Addict Out There

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grandmother arrested because of her thoughtless actions.

A grandmother, 78, was jailed over the weekend after she stole over 122,000 Euros to feed her growing slot machine addiction. The money was stolen from the business, a holiday park, where she worked to get money to play the game. However, after so many years of feeding her addiction through the cash in pocket from her pay checks, she decided to she wanted to up the price tag a bit and make sure that she had even more to play with when the time came.

How Did She Pull it Off?

Over a course of 20 years, where she was the park manager, she would take bags full of 1Euro coins in and out, but change the rent records to show that the money was not missing. This went on throughout the many years that the company trusted her to do her job, without anyone knowing it was happening. It was one of the biggest robberies that the company has ever come across, and one that they didn’t see coming from the otherwise sweet, good natured woman and grandmother that had many stories to tell her co-workers and visitors of the business.

She only took the coins because she would play at the arcade with them which would only take the coins, since it was still set up in an old fashioned manner. She then played the night away throughout the years using these stolen coins.

When arrested due to the crime, she was ashamed for what she had done and extremely sorry. She was also worried about her family and how they would view her, or others because what she has done. She is a mother, and a grandmother and this can look badly on them and on her, as it should.

The judge said that it was unblemished behavior and took pity on her and the actions she did. However, she does have to pay the company back for the money that she took in the past. This costed her the seaside cabin that she had. The proceeds from having it sold will pay the company back, and she is never allowed to work or visit the business again because of these actions.

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