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There is Still Time to Put in Your Bets

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mass. still has their slots open, are you ready to place your bets?

When it comes to the billion dollar casino and race track that is in Mass. so many people are now racing to put in their bets for the all slots casinos that boasts over 1,200 different slot machines. Why? Because after mid-November, they might not be able to do so ever again. That is right, there are officials that are going against the previous plan to build even more slots, an even bigger and better racetrack and some new casino games within the area.

These officials fear that it is not good for the communities that surround them, nor for the economy of the state. This is why choosing to stop the plan that has already been signed by numerous parties might be a good thing. It is not something that many people have seen happen, even in other states. Usually, when these laws are signed and put into motion – they can not be appealed so easily but these officials feel that they have a solid plan and feel that it would not benefit the state after all.

Is There Enough Time?

There still continues to be time though, and many of the officials feel like if they can stop a lot of these project – they may be able to get more out of the law and hopefully turn it around. This is not good news for those that love to play on all of those slot machines with their high paying jackpots and their wondrous bright wheels of glory. So many people are going to be upset if the law is overturned and something does happen to stop the move forward with the casino. Especially those that have jobs within the casino walls and need this to provide for their families.

As of right now, there is no information that says what their course of action is and whether or not they are going to push forward. However, when we do find out that news, we will be able to hand it to you so you can have a better idea of what may happen to the slots throughout Massachusetts.

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