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Thieves Smashed Hole in the Roof of a Social Club to Steal Slot Machine

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The owners of the Hopwood & Social Club that is located in Heywood state that this burglary was nothing but pure vandalism.

The thieves gained entry into the Hopwood Sports & Social Club by actually breaking a hole through the roof.

After the raiders broke through the roof they continued to break into the slot machines in order to steal the cash that was within them.

The Hopwood Sports & Social Club is located on Manchester Road in the city of Heywood.

The thieves continued to smash up three slot machines as well as a lottery ticket machine, in their raid that left the staff of the Hopwood Sports & Social Club shocked as well as upset.

It is not known at this time exactly how much the thieves actually got away with, but is not believed to be a very large amount of cash.

The cash was stolen out of the gambling machines that were in the Hopwood Sports and Social Club during this break in, Lesley Hickson who is the manager of the club stated that is was a pure act of vandalism.

Lesley stated that when she arrived at the club and entered it was a mess, everyone who works here was in shock, but there really is not a lot that you are able to do.

Lesley also believes that it was done by professionals due to the fact that another break-in happened earlier in the year at a close by Children’s Clothes Shop.

She also continued to state that they exactly what they were doing the way they actually entered into the building, they had to have checked the place out.

When the Children’s clothing store was broken into they entered the same way through the roof.

A representative for GMP established that this burglary happened sometime between the hours of midnight December 7th and 8:00am December 8th.

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