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Vintage Slots Machine Pays of Finally at MGM

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lions Share has a winner… finally!

“Lions Share” is the slot machine that is famous to many that frequent the Las Vegas gambling strip. It has finally paid off with some dedication from a couple. Linda and Walter Misco from New Hampshire were playing around with the slots just to play. They were visiting the exciting city and wanted to try their luck on the slots. The long awaited green symbols came up in a line and there was the jackpot that everyone knew was coming, but they didn’t know when.

What Was Won 

They won $2.4 million in that one turn that they took on the machine, that is a large sum of money. It wasn’t their first pull on it, but they were only playing for around 5 minutes before that jackpot lit up and they went home millionaires. This was definitely a celebrating event for the couple. They couldn’t believe it. MGM was surprised, but couldn’t be happier for the couple that won the jackpot.

This slot machine is the oldest of the reel machines in the casino. It has been a stubborn machine that refused to give out jackpots to anyone that came across it and played it. It is the only slot machine of it’s time remaining. It is also the most popular and well known slot on the floor. It hasn’t given out a jackpot in around15 years, making this one extra special.

Popularity Throughout the Years

It is so popular that maps are drawn up and then placed online to show everyone where the iconic machine now stood after the games were re-organized each time. It has gained a lot of cyber attention throughout the years. With articles and stories being published about the machine not paying off, many people tried their luck – thinking that they were going to be the one to break the dry spell of no jackpot being paid out.

Many news crews also hoped to catch the jackpot in action, but none were ever successful enough to do so. The winners not only get their cash that they won, but since they won – they also get to take the machine home with them, as long as their state allows them to do so.

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