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What Do You Do If a Slot Machine Malfunctions?

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The goal of many Gaming control boards is that the playing of slot machines as well as other types of gaming is conducted competitively and honestly and to ensure that the public has trust as well as confidence well within the gaming industry.  Putting this in another way, they want the games that are played not only to be fun and that the patrons have a good time but these games must also be fair.

So what do you if the slot machine that you are playing malfunctions?  The very first step that you should take is to contact an employee within the casino.  If there is any question about money that should have been won and you decide to dispute the response of the Casino you should contact the Enforcement division of the Gaming Control Board.  An agent from within this division will help arbitrate this dispute.  If the amount in question is more than 500 dollars and arbitration does not settle the dispute, the casino in question is required by law to notify the Gaming Control Board.

Why do patrons get denied a jackpot if a slot machine malfunctions?  When a patron pulls a handle, or pushes a button, the slot machine then begins the process of randomly selecting the next symbols to be aligned.  When the slot machine malfunctions it cannot actually complete this process of random selection, and this triggers the “tilt” mode.  When this occurs many machine manufactures have set the reels to stop automatically and briefly to the jackpot position, this was done for the purpose of engineering.  So when the machine malfunctions the patron who is playing the machine just may see that the reels stopped at the jackpot and believe that they won, when in fact the machine could not fully process its random selection so it defaulted to the jackpot.

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