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Will Massachusetts get Another Slot Machine Parlor?

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Two years priors she battled the casino license that actually went onto Everett.  This resident of East Boston still claims that her reasons have not changed. She still lives very close to the Logan Airport where over the course of any year you can and will find more than 15 million travelers, and she is still very concerned about what this just may mean for their economy if they were to allow these travelers in. 

She also is concerned about the strain that it just may put on the businesses as well as the families that are currently living in the area.   

Jason Osborne who is the Chairman of Horseracing Jobs and The Education Committee as well as being pro-Question one, states that targeting the tourist in the area is actually a big plus. He also states that what they want is for people who actually live in Massachusetts to work at their facility or to reap the benefits from the facility, but not actually go in and gamble.

Rebeiro Myers was not impressed by these statements.

Stating that more jobs has always been a fantastic buzzword, but yet they really have not provided anything that just may state what in fact these jobs may be, what the actual pay rates just may be, or even if these positions would include any benefit packages.  Myers also continued to state that the most productive job within a slot parlor is the slot machine itself.

Osborne states that slot parlors have in deed evolved well beyond the one-armed bandit stage. He continued to state that this is not the 60s’ or even the 70s’ anymore, these slot machines are very high-tech, with a type of electronic video poker, you do not see many of these types of machines around anymore.

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