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Winner of a Million Dollar Slot Loses the Battle in Court

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Can you even imagine going to your favorite casino, sitting down and playing a slot machine and all of a sudden the bells and whistle start going off and you are an instant winner of one million dollars, just to have the management of that casino come and tell you that you did not win there was a mistake?

This type of thing does happen; it actually happened a woman from Biloxi 3 years ago.  She has been going through court proceeding for the past 3 years and now that battle has come to an end.  This Biloxi woman is now going public, telling her side of the story.

During these court trials it has been a roller coaster of ups and downs for Florida Eash.  Just within the last few days, a Mississippi Supreme Court actually ruled that Florida was only entitled to $8,000.00 of that million dollar jackpot, yet she is still very convinced that she is due.

Florida stated that she felt very excited, and that she thanked the lord, her god, it was a very big thing.  She never expected to win.

Florida has very vivid memories of the night that she won when playing the slot machine almost 3 years ago which was on a Thursday. She remembers playing a $5.00 slot machine at IP and then all of a sudden the TOP Jackpot lined up.

She remembers that it was such a great feeling, and on the screen of the slot machine it said congratulations Florida, you won one million dollars, please see attendants’ for pay out.

Just as sudden as her most ultimate dream came to life, she had that bubble burst.  The casino management stated that the slot machine that Florida was playing was mistakenly programmed as a progressive slot machine.  This actually meant that the top jackpot that this machine was supposed to give was $8,000.00 not one million.

This jackpot dispute was first taken in front of the Mississippi State Gaming Commission who ultimately ruled that Florida was indeed entitled to the one million dollar jackpot, but this ruling was very short lived when the issue was turned over to the courts.

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