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Woman Wins Twice on same Slot Machine within a Month for a winning of £1.75million – Beating the 625 million to 1 odds

Posted by Samantha A. on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An online gaming company actually worked out the figured that stated that there was a higher chance of being hit by lightning or even giving birth to identical quadruplets than to hit it big on one machine twice within the same month.

A woman beat those odds by winning a total amount of £1.75million by getting very lucky twice on the very same slot machine within the very same month, the odds of this actually happening are 625 million to 1, and she certainly was the 1.

Beating the Odds

The woman who is from South London, who plays by the name ‘Sandam’ won as she staked two £20 bets on the game that is named MegaJackpots Star Lanterns.  This information was revealed by the online gaming company BGO.  This was followed after a father who had two children and from Cheshire hit it huge with a total winning of £6 million, this past Christmas as he bet £1.25.

‘Sandam’s’ very first jackpot hit was won on Good Friday when she took home a hefty £1.13 million.  The second jackpot was hit just a very short three and a half weeks later on the very same game and took home a total of £627,000.

Statistically speaking there is actually more of a chance of giving birth to quadruplets that are identical which is a 13 million to 1 chance, being involved in a shark attack which is a 11.5 million to 1 chance, being struck by lightning which is a 10 million to 1 chance or even winning an Oscar which is a 11,500 to 1 chance, than to actual win twice on this MegaJackpots Star Lanterns slot game.

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