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Can I Play Online Slots and Switch to Playing them on a Mobile?

scrooge-slotIf you are playing at an online casino site and that casino has a mobile gaming platform or a mobile casino app available then what you will often find is that your online casino log in details, that being your casino username and casino password is going to give you access to the mobile gaming platform or app too.

That does of course mean that you are never going to be forced to have to sign up and register once again as a new player at a mobile casino site if the casino you are playing at offers an online casino that you are already a member of.

One question do know that many first time casino game players will ask is whether when they have made a deposit at an online casino site are they forced to have to play off those credits at that casino site or will they be able to carry on playing via the mobile app or mobile gaming platform offered at the same casino.

Well, the simple answer to that question is you will be able to play off your credits at both the online and mobile casino site owned by one casino, but you will be required to log out of for example the online casino before you log into the mobile casino, and by doing so any credits you had in your online account will be available to you at the mobile casino!


Bonuses Available at Mobile Casino Sites

Never be under the impression that you will lose or miss out on any of the high valued bonus offers and special promotional offers that are available to you at online casinos site if you choose to play at a mobile casino site instead.

New player bonuses will always be available to you when playing at mobile casinos and they will be just as high valued as the sign up welcome bonuses offered by many online casino sites, so you will be able to get plenty of bonus credits when playing at mobile casinos.

Also keep in mind that ongoing bonus offers are also going to become freely available to you too when playing at mobile casinos and the more of them you sign up to the more bonus offers and special additional promotional offers will be made available to you too.


Slot Games Offered at Mobile Casinos

Let us give you a quick insight into just how diverse the range of mobile slot games you will be able to access on any type of mobile phone or tablet device will be. For there are going to be a huge variety of slots available at mobile casino sites via their mobile casino apps, plenty of which you will want to be, we are confident of that!

There will be plenty of 3 reel slots games available and as such if you like easy to play and older styled slots with only a small number of pay lines on offer those will be the types of slot games to play on your mobile device.

Video slot games are also available on mobile casino apps and mobile casino gaming platforms and you will find many of those video slots come with at the very least one bonus game or bonus feature that you will trigger from time to time when playing them.

You will also find plenty of fruit machines which offer all manner of bonus games to players and if you want to have the chance of winning big, in fact very big then make sure some of the mobile slot games you do decide to play are progressive slots!



The type of mobile device you own will also have some bearing in regards to just which mobile casino sites you are going to be able to play at. If you have a Smart Phone or Tablet device then you will have the highest number of casino sites at which you can play at and the best way to access those casinos games will be by you downloading a casino app onto your touch screen enabled mobile device.

However, even if you have an older styled mobile phone or a Blackberry then you are still going to have access to plenty of casino games via a mobile gaming platform, however you will have to look around to ensure those mobile casino sites you do come across will allow you access to their gaming platform and to see if your mobile phone is actually compatible with those gaming platforms.

Do not also forget that often you online casino size account log ins will also give you access to most casinos mobile gaming platforms, and as such you will not be required to open a secondary account if you have an account on the online gaming platform offered by any mobile casino site!

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