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How Do Online Players Clubs Compare to Bricks and Mortar Casinos?

Posted by Adrian B on Thursday, June 1, 2017

If you are something of an avid and very regular slot player then you will probably already know the benefits that will be coming your way if you make a point of signing up to every casino comp club attached to the casino venue or site that you are playing at.

However, with more and more players now making the switch over to playing slot games and slot machine online, often the exact same ones as they may have played in a land based casino before then you may be wondering just how the casino comp clubs and the player clubs compare in both playing environments!

If you are then please do make full use of the following guide for by doing so we are going to be comparing both land based and online casino site comp clubs, so that you can see just what you are going to be offered by ways of comps and additional extras in both playing environments.

Keep in mind of course that you first do need to select a casino to play at, either an online or mobile casino site that does offer their customers and players a much more generous comp club in the first place!


Land Based Casino Comp Clubs

If you sign up to a land based casino sites comp club then you should always ensure that when you play any type of slot machines or video poker machines that you not only insert your players card into the slot on those gaming machines but that your card has been registered onto the system, as often you can insert your card but it has not been registered onto the system and when that happens you will not be earning comps as you play!

If you play any type of card or table game you must then hand over your card to the Dealer or Croupier who will then ensure your real money gaming action is being rewarded with comp points.

The points that you will be accumulating as you play for real money in a land based casino can be exchanged for cash, slot play or you will find you can use your points to pay for your hotel rooms in that casino or you will be able to exchange them for meals in the casino venue or you can swap them for drinks at any of the bars too, and the more points you earn the more extras you will get!


Online Casino Comp Clubs

One thing you are not going to have to worry about if and when you decide to start playing online casino games for real money is whether your players card has been registered into the machine you are playing, for the way in which online casino site software works means that whenever you play for real money you will be earning comp pints instantly.

You are not going to have to sign up to any online casino sites comp club separately either, for as soon as you have registered as a new real money playing you are automatically enrolled into that casino sites comp club!

However, the only thing that you are going to be able to redeem your online casino site comp points for are additional playing credits, and one thing to look out for is those casino sites that offer their players the ability of redeeming their comp points for cash credits and not bonus credits, as you will never have any play through requirements attached to comped cash credits bit you will with comped bonus credits!



What we would advise you to do is to first set aside some time whereby you will be able to check out the websites of a range of different online casino sites and read up what each of those casino sites are offering you via their respective comp clubs.

By doing so and comparing the comp clubs on offer to you at several different casino sites you are then going to get a good feel and understanding of just what each comp club is going to be offering you and you can then make a much more informed and well balanced decision on just which casinos site to sign up to and play at as a real money player and which ones will be rewarding your real money gaming action with more comps!

With that in mind please do now have a look round our website for we do have a large and very varied range of casino sites to showcase to you and each of them will also offer a different range of slot games too, so you will always find plenty of new slot games you may never have seen, played or even come across before!

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