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How Can I Earn More Slot Comp Points?

prime-property-slotOne of the many benefits of moving your land based slot playing real money gaming action online is that you are going to be able to take advantage of a lot of extra benefits of doing so, all casino sites that we showcase on this website boast sign up and ongoing casino bonuses, and in addition to those bonus offers you will find each site also offers players access to a comp club.

A comp club is simply a loyalty scheme that is going to reward every single wager you place on any real money slot game which a set number of comp points, and as you save them up in your loyalty club account you will be given the option of exchanging them for real money playing credits.

However, whilst may casinos offer an industry standard loyalty and comp club which awards just a set number of comp points for every set number of real money credits you wager on their respective slot games, you will find some casino sites offer a multi level comp club which will see you being awarded with more comps the further your move up the tiers of their club.

The way in which you move up the tiers of a multi level comp club is by simply wagering more and more, and in addition to your earning more comps the higher you rise in those comp clubs you will also find the redemption rates at which you can redeem your accumulated comp points for real money credits will become much more attractive.

There are however a few additional ways that you are going to be able to accumulate more and more comp points when you play online slot games and often it is not down to you having to put at risk higher volumes of cash as you play each slot, and below we are going to highlight several ways that you can earn more slot game comps at many of our featured and fully licensed online casino sites.

Enhanced Slot Game Comp Points

Many online casino sites will have special days of the week when they will reward players who have chosen to play a highlighted selection of slot machines with additional comp points. You will often find a casino site offering double or triple the number of comp points on some of their slot games on certain days of the week.

It is often the case that these comp point bonus days are on the less busier days of the week, so always be prepared to play slots on days of the week when you would not usually play them, as it is often the case that the highest number of comp points for playing slot games online will be offered on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Higher RTP Means More Spins per Session

Another very easy way that you are going to be able to accumulate many more comp points when playing slot games online is by simply selecting to play the Slot Games with the Highest Payout Percentages. Once you start to take an interest in the payout percentages attached to online slot machines you will start to discover some slot games are set to return much more of the stakes wagered on those slots as winning payouts to players.

This does therefore mean that by finding the best paying slots and then sticking to playing only those slots with the very highest RTP’s not only will you get a better chance of winning on them over the long term, but those high payout percentages mean that you will get much longer player sessions which in turns means you will be earning many more comp points when playing those better paying slots!

There are of course many online slot games with come with higher than average long term payout percentages, and it is going to be worth you checking through as many of our slot game reviews as you can for we will highlight just which are the better playing slots from available on a wide range of different online casino gaming platforms in those slot reviews.

Should you be looking to play the more classical three reel slot games then one we do know that comes with a very generous payout percentage is the Couch Potato slot and when playing that slot game you should earn a very large number of comp points thanks in no small part to the payout percentage attached to that slot being set very high at 97.43%!


There are many ways that you are going to be able to guarantee you get the maximum playing value when you choose to start playing slot games online, obviously as you have just found out locating an online casino that offers a generous and very rewarding comp club is just one way of being able to get lots of extra playing value however do keep in mind many casinos offer all manner of ongoing slot game promotional offers.

Those additional promotions can include slot tournaments, casino bonuses and many casinos have now started to offer via their comp clubs free sets of real money slot spins on selected slot games at various times of the week, and as such it really can pay dividends for you to become a loyal player at just a handful of online casino sites.

If you are on the hunt for a new online casino site at which to play then we invite you to take a good long look around the Money Slots website, for we have plenty of fully licensed and regulated casinos reviewed throughout this website and each of them have a very large and impressive suite of slot games available, so please have a good look around!

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