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Which Symbols Should I Hold on a Fruit Machine?

Posted by Adrian B on Monday, January 15, 2018

You are faced with a huge number of different decisions when you play fruit machines, for they are the most entertaining of slot machines that come jam packed full of bonus games and bonus features!

One feature you will be offered probably more than any other one when playing most if not all fruit machines is a hold feature, and when it has been awarded to you the hold buttons underneath each of the reels, of which there are usually three of them will flash.

You can then decide, which of any of the reels to hold, you are not obliged to hold any of them, but the ones you do hold may see you then triggering a bonus feature or bonus game or even spinning in a set of matching reel symbols on the other reels, which hopefully match the one or ones you held!

The reel symbols you should hold on a fruit machine will obviously vary, however if you are offered the hold feature after you spun in a winning combination then hold all of them!


Holding Bonus Game Triggering Symbols

Some fruit machines have number superimposed onto certain reel symbols, and what you have to do is spin in a certain amount of numbers that add up to a certain value before you trigger a bonus game.

As such if you are faced with a hold feature and the numbers currently on the pay line add up to the amount of numbers that will then trigger the bonus game or additional bonus feature then hold all of those numbers as by doing so you will then trigger the feature.

On some slot machines there is also a built in feature on the hold feature, and that is designed to automatically spin in the required symbol when you hold two matching symbols three times.

However, not all slot games offer that feature so it will be you holding the same two matching symbols three times that you will discover whether a fruit machines does boast such a feature.

Many slots also offer a random nudge feature, and as such if you are just a few reel positions away on the reels form a  high valued winning combination it may be worth holding all of the reels in the hope that the nudge feature is then awarded to allow you  to nudge in that winning combination!


Which Casinos Have Fruit Machines?

Most online casino sites will have a range of different fruit machines available, however not all of them do so if you do fancy playing those types of slot machines you may have to hunt around to find a casino that has a decent selection of them on offer.

Fruit Machines are often found in pubs in the UK along with many cafes and amusement arcades, they were designed, and still are, as slot machines that will keep you entertained when you play them which is done via the very frequently awarded bonus games and bonus features.

One thing you will appreciate if you enjoy playing them is that by playing that online or at a mobile casino site you will benefit from much higher payout percentages.

Land based fruit machines can come with some very, very low payout percentages that could be in the very low 70% ranges, however most online and mobile fruit machines boast payout percentages in the mid to high 90% ranges, so you will get more playing time and wining chances when playing them online or via your mobile device.



If you haven’t yet played fruit machines, but are very eager to do so then I would advise you to set about initially giving them some play time via the free play versions that all casino sites will have on offer.

By doing so you are then going to get valuable experience at playing them and seeing firsthand how each of their respective bonus games and bonus games trigger and then play off.

It is worth also noting that fruit machines do tend to offer some much lower valued staking options that the more casino styled slot machines, and as such they are always going to be slot games you can afford to play.

Whilst the jackpots do not tend to be anywhere near as high as are on offer on casino slots you do still get the chance of winning some fairly large amounts of cash, and due to the frequently awarded bonus games and bonus features you will certainly get plenty of fun and entertainment out of your gambling budget!

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