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Microgaming Slots Player Adjustable Settings

kings-of-cash-slotIt is always worth spending a little time looking at the game play option settings that are being offered by any online casino site you choose to play at, for once you are aware of what options are available to you for playing their range of slots you can put into place your own uniquely configurable slot playing sessions.

One of the leading suppliers of both casino games and the gaming platforms and software that those games are available on is Microgaming and not only do they have literally hundreds of different slot games on offer, but there are plenty of player adjustable options settings available on each slot they have launched.

In this slot playing guide we will take a look at how you can configure their range of slot games to play once you have click on the game play option settings button!


Screen and Audio Settings

The sound effects on all Microgaming slot games are worth having switched on when you play any of them, and this is more so with some of their very latest slots as those sound effects add another level of entertainment and excitement to your online slot playing.

However, you are going to be able to pick out and turn on or off any of the many different slot game sound effects when you click on the options setting tab so make sure you checkout those options if you are looking to tailor your own unique slot playing session online!

The screen size of all Microgaming slot games is another adjustable option under the settings tab and as such you can make the screen size of all of their available slot and casino games as big or small as you like, and by using the tabbed browser option mentioned below you can also over the slot and casino game windows anywhere on your computer screen.


Tabbed Browser Feature

One feature found exclusively on Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform is their unique Tabbed Browser option. This is going to allow all players using that gaming platform to open up into new game play windows several different games and play them off all that the same time.

You are probably already aware of how the new tab option works on a web browser and that is similar to how the tabbed browser works, you simply click to open a new window on the software and the pic any additional game to put into that window.

You are able to move the windows around on your computer screen and as such can place then wherever you like to allow you to be able to watch each game playing off as you send them into live play. Using the tabbed browser with the auto play feature mentioned below will allow you to sit back and watch each game being played automatically for you without you have to make any effort at all!


Auto Play Options

If you ever grow tired of continually clicking on the spin or deal button when playing slot games or video poker games, then Microgaming do have a solution and that is by you opting to make use of the auto play setting options.

By clicking on the expert button which is handily located alongside all of the game play buttons at the foot of each game screen, you will then be given a range of options that you can configure the auto play option with.

You can select and number of games you wish to see playing off automatically and you are also going to be able to select the stakes at which those games will all play. Be aware that some additional options are available via the auto play settings when you are playing slot games.

You will for example be able to get the auto play option to de-activate when a bonus game has been triggered and by doing so you can then play off that bonus game yourself. Be aware though that due to UK Gambling Commission regulations when you are playing any casino game via the auto play option and you live in the UK then only 25 games can be played off automatically at a time.



The best way for you to get used to all of the different ways that you can play Microgaming’s huge variety of online casino games is to actually play around with the game play settings yourself. To save you having to pay anything to do that you can access their range of games for free, so why not give some of our approved Microgaming casino powered casinos a try right now and put those options settings to the test!

However, the best way to play any of Microgaming’s high paying casino games is via the real money options and if you are not already a player at any of the sites reviewed throughout our website then there are some huge valued bonuses up for grabs at each of them.

Just be aware that occasionally one or two casinos may not allow you to put into play the auto play settings when you are playing with a bonus in your casino account, those casinos that do not permit auto play when a player has claimed a bonus will alert you to this fact via the terms and conditions listed on their website, so always read through them!

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