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Are Instant Play Slots Better Than Downloadable Ones?

As soon as you are good and ready to make the switch over to playing slot games online, you will find most casino sites will either have an instant play gaming platform or a fully downloadable one. In fact, quite a number of casinos will offer their players both types of gaming platforms for their convenience.

However, when you are faced with the decision of whether to download a gambling platform onto your computer or simply access a casinos available slot games via an instant play web browser compatible gaming platform, you may be wondering if there are going to be any compromises to be made when choosing one over the other!

Well, the only difference I am aware of is that when you access an instant play gaming platform you will often find the slot games on offer at those sites can be supplied by a range of different companies, and as such you tend to get a much better range and variety of slot games at instant play casinos.

When plying via a downloadable gaming platform, whilst there will be a huge range of different slots on offer to you, the slots that are available at such a site all tend to be supplied from the same slot game designer.


Best Paying Instant Play Slots

It is not going to be very difficult these days to find out just which instant play slot games have been designed to payout more of your stake money back as winning payouts over the long term

For most casino sites you will have access to that do have instant play gaming platforms will have a complete list of all of their slot games somewhere on their website and alongside each slot games name you will find the payout percentage they have all been set to return to players over the long term.

The bets type of slots you can play are without a shadow of a doubt those that have payout percentages over 97%, and as such those are the slot machines and slot games you should always be looking for, tracking down and then playing.

But do make sure that you always remember that even though a slot may have a high preset long term payout percentage you are not always going to achieve that RTP and will win and lose due to the random way each slot game has been designed to play and pay!


Plenty of New Instant Play Slot Games

All of the main online slot game designers do of course want their slot games to be played, and also want to keep players interested in playing at all casino sites that use their gaming platforms and their range of games too.

As such you will find that usually every month or so a brand new range of instant play slot games are going to be released and launched by all of the top slot game designers.

That does of course mean you are certainly never ever going to go short in regards to the number and types of brand new slot game you can access, as long as you do stick to playing at a casino site that has slot games as supplied by the leading slot game designers.

As those games come with lots of unique features, bonus games, payouts and staking options too, the best initial way for you to try out any new instant play slot game you do come across is by playing them for free to get used to any unique features that are awarded on them as you play them.



As there is always going to be the option for you to test playing slot machines at any online casino site, then if you have never played online before you could be best advised to sign up to both an instant play and downloadable casino site.

By doing so you are then going to be able to freely play all manner of different slots in each of those two playing environments and will then be able to make a decision on just which playing environment you enjoy playing in.

In fact, you will also find that you can play any type of slot game on a mobile device, by downloading a casino app onto your smart phone or tablet device, so if you find you are not that keen on playing on your home computer or laptop you may actually enjoy playing a range of different types and categories of slots on your mobile device.

But always do try out every available playing environment for if you are  slot player you are never going to go short of fun and exciting slots to play in all of them, and one of them will suit you perfectly, of that I am sure.

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