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Are Mobile Slots as Good as Online Slots?

The very first way that you could play slot games and slot machines from home was of course by using your computer, and it was in the very early 1990’s that the very first online casino sites opened up and allowed anyone, living anywhere in the world to be able to access all manner of slots from home either for free or for real money.

Then, during the early 2000’s many online slot game designers realised that there was a new way that they could offer their games to players and that was via a mobile gaming platform. Admittedly back in the early days of mobile gaming the range and types of slot games you could play on your mobile device was low in number!

However, times have certainly moved on and if you are sat there right now considering playing mobile slot games for the very first time, then be aware that every type of slot machine you can play online and plenty of slot machines that you will find on a land based casino gaming floor can also be played on your mobile device and as such you will have thousands of different slots on offer to you as a mobile slot player!


Easy to Play Mobile Slot Games

If you want to have an effortless and rather speedy type of mobile slot game playing experience then there is no doubt in our minds that the type of slot games you should be tracking down and playing are the three reel and classic mobile slots.

One thing most of those types of slot games all share is the fact that they do not offer any type of bonus games and bonus features, and as such you will not have to study their respective pay tables or the help files attached to each slot to get an idea of how they play and pay!

You will however often find that there can be a quite strategic way to play basic playing three reel and classical mobile slots, and that is to play then for maximum on spins, as it is often the case that there may be an enhanced jackpot on offer on such mobile slots to players who  does set each spin to play off in such a way that they are playing maximum coins spins, so always check the pay tables to see if there are any enhanced payouts on offer when playing such slots for maximum credits!


More Adventurous Mobile Slots

Make sure you check both the fruit machines categories of mobile slot games and also take a good look at just what video slot games are on offer to you at any mobile casino site or when you have downloaded and are using a mobile casino or slot app.

For what you will find is that fruit machines especially, come packed with a plethora of exciting, fun to play and also potentially huge paying bonus games and bonus features, some of which are awarded very, very frequently!

However, if you choose to play video slot games you will usually find just one or two bonus games attached to those types of mobile slots, and you may have to play off a huge number of base game spins before the bonus games are triggered.

Mobile video slots in particular tend to also come with a range of special reel symbols including all manner of different types of wild symbols, that can not only help you form lot of additional winning combinations but can also boost the value of those winning payouts that they help to form too!



To help you judge for yourself and make an informed decision as to whether you are going to love and enjoy playing mobile slot games in any category, we have put together a range of mobile casino site reviews throughout our website.

We would urge you to spend a much time as you like reading through each of those reviews, as by doing so you are going to find out just what each mobile casino site and any mobile apps they have on offer will be offering you by way of mobile slot games.

Plus, if you do sign up as a new first time real money player are any of our feature mobile casino sites you are going to be able to take advantage of some not to be missed generous sign up welcome bonuses, and you will also qualify for lot of ongoing bonus offers too.

All of which you can use on slot machines and slot games to both extend your play time and also give you lots of additional winning chances and opportunities when you are playing off your awarded bonus credits, so make sure you claim those bonuses sooner rather than later!

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