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Are Multi Player Slots Worth Playing?

wheel-of-wealth-multi-playerYou will find when you are logged into the downloadable gaming platforms which are offered at casino sites using Microgaming software that you will come across a small but none the less exciting to play and very unique selection of slots that are classed as multi player slots.

Microgaming have only just started adding these types of slot games to their range of games and they offer slot players a brand new playing structure, which if you are a social type of person then you are going to enjoy the way these slots play and pay!

Be aware that if you do like what you are about to read and wish to play any of the Microgaming designed and powered multi player slot games online then sadly they are only available to players playing in a real money mode, unlike the majority of other slots Microgaming have on offer these games cannot be accessed as free play games, so do keep that in mind, however the stake levels are adjustable so they need not be very expensive slot games to play.


Social Type of Online Slot Playing Experience

The most important aspect of playing a multi player slot game online is that you are not going to be playing that slot all on your own but instead you will be playing alongside lots of other players, and as such you will be playing a very social type of surrounding.

When you play multi player slot games you will also have the ability of chatting to and interacting with your fellow players and this is simply achieved by making use of the chat room which is found attached to each multi player slot.

Whilst it may seem completely alien to you having the ability to talk to and interact with other players when logged into an online casino site, if you are wishing to have a much more social type of slot playing experience then we would strongly advise you to give these games a try, for no longer will you have to sit there playing slots on your own without anyone to chat to!


All Players Trigger the Bonus Games at the Same Time

One quite interesting aspect of when you do play multi player slots online is that as these types of games all have a bonus type feature round which can be triggered, when it is awarded every single player who is sat playing that game will be awarded the bonus game at the same time.

So no longer will you have to experience that annoying aspect of playing slots which you usually find happens more so when playing at a land based casino of the player sat nearby you always managing to trigger more bonus game and bonus features than you, for when playing multi play slots online as soon as the bonus game is awarded everyone will be able to play it off together!

It is worth pointing out that many multi player slots have a different way of awarding the bonus games and many of them have an accumulative type of features attached to them whereby you have to save up special reel symbols that spin in which will increase the multiplier values for example that will be attached to any free spins awarded to you.

With this in mind and as there are so many of these type of slot games available online always make sure you read through any help files attached to these games and study the pay tables as by doing just that you will get a much better understanding of how the slots have been designed and how they operate.


A Much Better Sense of Fair Play

There is another benefit of playing multi player slots online and that is as you are able to talk to other players and can also see the slots they are playing and also see just how well they are doing on the base and bonus games then you will get something of a much fairer sense of fair play when playing these slots.

It is often the case when you are playing single player slots online that you will not have any idea as to whether other players playing those slots at the same time as you are winning or losing, but when playing multi player slots you will also be able to clearer see on your screen who is winning and doing well and also just which players are not having much luck.

As there will be multiple stake options offered on all multi player slot games then do be aware that you could be playing alongside slot players who are playing for much higher stakes than you and as such if those players seem to be winning much larger amounts than you are that will often be down to the stakes they are wagering each spin for being much larger than the stakes you are playing your multi player slot game for!



As all multi player slot games have a chat option whereby you are able to communicate with other players, never forget that you are able to turn that optional feature off should you not particularly want to chat and communicate with other players sat playing the same multi player slot as you!

Sometimes you will find your fellow players can be somewhat annoying or are rambling on in the chat room, and as such if you would prefer to play multi player slots but in a more reclusive way then simply turn off the chat facility and you will no long be able to see what your fellow players are typing into the chat room!

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