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Are RTP’s Lower When I Play Slots with Bonus Credits?

When you see the size and value of some slot game bonuses being offered by lots of different casino sites you may wonder how on earth they can afford to give away such huge valued bonuses, especially to slot players.

I have come across casino bonuses that will boost the value of slot player’s deposits by 5 times the deposit amount, and those 500% deposit match bonuses are going to be very appealing to any slot player.

However, if and when you do come across similar high valued bonuses you may be asking yourself whether the casino can somehow fiddle about with the payout percentages a slot game will play out to when a player is using bonus credits to compensate for those high valued bonuses they have claimed.

The simple answer is no, all of the licensed and regulated casinos and their game suppliers are not able to adjust the payout percentages of their slot games once they have gone live, and as such they are all set in stone and will be the same long term payout percentages no matter whether a player is playing with their own deposits funds or are using a set of bonus credits.


Understanding Bonus Play Through Requirements

There is quite a lot that you will have to learn in regards to being able to claim bonuses effectively and also be able to tell if any bonuses that are currently on offer to you are actually worth claiming or not.

When it comes to claiming bonuses that can be used on slot games you need to ensure that when you do make a deposit to claim a bonus it is only the bonus element of your casino account balance that is going to be subject to a play through requirement, and not your deposit funds too.

The play through requirement is nothing more complicated than the number of times that you are forced to have to play through your bonus credits before those credits then are turned into real money credits along with any winnings you achieve.

Therefore to get a fair and reasonable chance of actually winning with any bonus you have claimed, the very best ones that you can claim and then use on your favourite slot games will always be the ones that have a low play through requirement, so make sure those are the ones you look out for, track down and then claim!


Try and Play a Diverse Range of Slot Games Online

One thing that you could find yourself doing when you play at any online casino site is to find yourself always playing the same slot games, and whilst you may have your own personal favourites, it is always going to be fun and exciting when you set about playing some slot games that you have never seen or come across before.

Therefore never be afraid of trying out some slots that you haven’t yet played before, for whilst you may not initially be attracted to play them, you will often find that you do actually enjoy playing some slots even if they do not look appealing initially.

As all casino sites have new games being launched onto their respective gaming platforms each month of the year, there are always going to also be lots of brand new slot games you can play.

In fact, when some casino sites do launch a new slot game they may also have a special promotion linked up to that slot, so by playing those new slots you can often bag additional playing credits, free spins or even get a percentage of any losses paid back to you!



The best type of slot playing experience you can ever have when signed up to and logged into any online casino site, is one whereby you are always going to be in control.

As all casino bonuses that you can claim are going to force you to achieve play through requirements before you can cash out any winnings and may also force you to play only a certain number of slots and often be forced to play them only for a certain stake, you should think long and hard about whether you are going to enjoy playing with bonus credits.

If you want to be in control of your own destiny when playing real money slots online then I would urge you to just play with your own money and never think about claiming a slot game related casino bonus.

That way you can pick and choose just which slots you can play, how you go about playing them, and can of course stop playing and cash out your winnings at any time, without having to worry about achieving any type of play through requirement!

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