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What are Cash Back Slot Bonuses?

crime-scene-slotOne of the main reasons slot players will show an interest in playing slot games online is that unlike their local land based casinos, when you sign up to any online or even mobile casinos site out are going to be offered some form of bonus which is given to you to welcome you onboard as a new player.

In fact, the bonuses never stop being offered to you after you have claimed a new player welcome sign up bonus, for all online and mobile casinos sites will want you to continue playing at their respective casino sites so will be offering you lots of ongoing bonuses too.

It doesn’t matter what types of slot game you wish to play online or on a mobile phone or mobile tablet device, as long as you are a regular and loyal player playing at most casinos sites playing video slots with bonus features, three reel slots, progressive slots and even fruit machines those bonuses are always going to be available to you!

This particular guide is taking a look at bonuses that are designed as cash back bonuses, and as you are likely to come across many casinos offering them please do read through this guide to get an idea of how cash back slot game bonuses work and which are the very best ones to make use of!


Cash Back Bonuses

If, or should we say when, you find one of our top rated casinos offering you any type of cash back bonus, those bonuses are going to be credited to you after the expiry date on the promotion.  However, you need to be aware that they are going to be limited in size in regards to how much you will be awarded after opting in for such a promotion.

The way in which cash back slot bonuses work is that you are simply going to be given a percentage of your losses back, the losses however are going to be worked out based on the amount of cash you deposited into your casino account less any amount you withdrew or still have in your casino account at the time the promotion expires.

You will obviously not get any bonus credits awarded to you if your withdrawals over the promotion period are greater in value than your deposits or you have more cash in your casino account at the expiry time and date than you deposited, so do keep that in mind!


Which Slots Can I Use Cash Back Bonuses on?

You will always have to read through the rules and any terms and conditions of a cash back bonus before you opt in to use them, for there may be a handful of games that you will not be allowed to claim losses back when using any type of cash back bonus offer.

However, be aware that many casinos will not have any slot game restrictions in place, and as such those types of promotions are usually the best ones to make use of and opt in on, as you are then going to be able to play any slot game you wish to play.

The type of slot games that are usually disallowed on a cash back promotional offer are progressive slot games, but as mentioned the only way to find out which slot games you can play and then claim your losses back on up to a certain amount is by reading through the terms and conditions attached to such a bonus offer.

One final thing to note is that the best valued cash back slot game bonuses are those which will give you the highest percentage of your losses back, and those which give you the cash back as cash credits and not bonus credits!



It is worth noting that you are not only going to be able to claim a large and varied range of casino bonuses when you sign up to our listed and approved online casino sites, but we also have plenty of exclusive bonuses to introduce you to that are being offered by some of our featured and top rated mobile casino sites too.

If you do have any type of mobile device and you fancy playing slot games on those devices as a real money player you are going to be given access to just as many bonuses as you will have access to when playing at an online casino site.

Those bonuses include lots of cash back bonuses much like the ones mentioned throughout this casino bonus article, however there are also bonuses that are designed as deposit match bonuses and plenty of no deposit sign up and ongoing bonuses too.

So never be under the impression playing slot games on a mobile device will see you missing out on generous bonuses, as that will certainly not be the case when playing at any of our rated and reviewed casinos, whether mobile casinos or online casino sites!

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