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Are there any Benefits of Playing Maximum Pay lines?

prime-property-slotIn the following article we are going to take a look at slot game pay lines, and hopefully answer the age old question of whether there are any actual benefits to be had by playing all of the optional pay lines found on offer on online slot games.

With players becoming more knowledgeable in regards to the way that online slot work, play and operate this is a good question, for at the end of the day if a slot is going to payout a certain payout percentage over the long term, then even if you just sit there playing one pay line on for example a 20 payline slot, then surely you are going to reach that payout percentage in the long run?

Things however, are not as straight forward as that for there are several additional factors to take into account when playing any online slot game, and as such we would suggest you have a read through of this slot playing guide so as to arm yourself with the knowledge required to put into play the perfect slot playing strategy, in regards to just how many pay lines you send into motion when playing a range of feature slot machines online!


Pay lines on Three Reel Slot Games

You are going to find quite a large range of online slots on which you will find just three stepper types reels and only a hand full of optional pay lines. These slots are very basic in their design and are aimed at players who want non complicated slot playing sessions where they only have to click on a spin button to spin the reels and then wait a few seconds to see whether they have won or lost!

Whilst a vast majority of these three reel slots come with one single payline, and for reference these slots are known as classic slot games, if you do come across slots on which you can set three or five pay lines into play per spin then there is a major advantage to be had of playing the maximum number of lines offered on that type of slot.

When you play all five pay lines on Microgaming’s Break Da Bank slot then each payline will have an enhanced jackpot payout in play on that payline, and by playing all five pay lines you will get a slightly increase long term payout percentage than when playing just one of the five pay lines.

So one tip we are going to pass onto you in regards to how you play these types of slots is to first count up how many pay lines are on offer then look at the pay table attached to the slot to see if payline number five has a bigger jackpot than payline number one, and if so always play five pay lines!


Multiple Payline Video Slot Games

When you are in the mood to sit down and play video slot games you will find a huge variety of them on offer, some of the newer slots come with the All Ways playing structure and when playing that type of slot you are forced to play hundreds or even thousands of paylines on every spin sent into play, but to make it cost effective you simply have to wager a set number of coins per spin.

But when you are faced with a video slot on which you can choose just how many pay lines you can send into play then you need to make a note of any bonus feature rounds offered on that slot and find out how they are triggered before choosing just how many pay lines to send into play.

If a slot game uses a set of scatter symbols to award and trigger its bonus feature round or rounds, then it doesn’t matter how many pay lines you choose to put into play as those scatter symbols will trigger the bonus games no matter how many pay lines you have put into play, as they can and will award the features when the minimum number of them appear on the screen, whether on a payline or not!

However, if you are playing a slot on which you have to line up three or more bonus symbols on an activated payline to trigger the bonus game then it is important to play all of the available pay lines. For if you do not and you are playing for example a 50 payline slot on which the bonus symbols need to line up on an activated payline and you only play let’s say 5 pay lines you are going to have one tenth the number of chances of being awarded those bonus games as you would when playing all 50 pay lines!

For the best chances of winning on the base game of any video slot game and to have the best chances of winning the higher valued winning payouts that one of these types of slots can and do award via their respective bonus games, you should always play maximum pay lines as by doing so you will never spin in a winning combinations or a set of bonus game trigger symbols on a payline you haven’t put in play!



It is always worth checking what type of slot game you are playing before deciding to play maximum pay lines. Should you be playing a classic slot or one of the standard video slots which offer no bonus features then you are able to play as few or as many pay lines on offer without you having a lower chance of winning on those types of slot games.

However, if there are enhanced jackpots or bonus games that can be triggered on any slot game you are thinking of playing, then always play maximum pay lines, and adjust the coin values if your gambling budget is only modest in size, for the lower the coin values you opt to put into play the more spins you will get whilst playing maximum pay lines!

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