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Benefits of Accumulating Bonus Feature Rounds

karate-pig-slotThere are quite a number of different slot playing systems and strategies that many players will always put into place when they are logged into an online casino. Whilst some of these slot playing systems will rarely bear fruit there are some which stand out as quite unique, and can warrant a little more investigating.

We have become aware of a small number of casino players who will, whenever they are playing bonus game awarding video slots, play them in such a way that when they next log into that casino site they will be guaranteed of having a winning session!

Now this may seem like we have discovered the Holy Grail as far as playing video slots online, but there is no such thing as a free lunch and there is a price to pay for having a guaranteed winning session when playing slots at any online casino!


How Do You Accumulate Slot Game Bonus Features

The way in which this very unique slot playing system works is that a player will start to play their favourite video slot game, and will play it until a bonus feature round has been awarded. As you will already be more than aware the types of different bonus game features can vary in number, and as such these video slots could award a set of free spins, a pick to win bonus game or even a wheel spinning type of bonus game feature round.

However, the very second that the bonus game has been triggered, whether that is randomly, via a set of scatter symbols spinning in or by that player lining up a set of matching bonus symbols on an activated payline, they will then immediately exit that game, and make a note of which slot game it was.

That player will then move onto playing another bonus game awarding video slot and will then exit that slot game the second a bonus game has been triggered, and they will then repeat this process as many times as they like.

What this does is then allow those bonus games to be saved up, and whenever they then log into that casino site and launch the games they exited, the bonus games will then be waiting there for them to be played off.

The idea behind this slot playing system is that at a time later on in the day or week they will then be able to have a slot playing session whereby the will know they are going to be able to play off several slot games bonus rounds, on which they are going to win something (hopefully)!

Obviously they will not know how much they are going to win until each bonus feature round has been played off, but by saving up more and more of them they can often see some huge returns being awarded via the payouts won during those bonus feature rounds!

A player utilizing this slot playing system does not have to exit each slot game the second they have been awarded the bonus feature, they can of course pick to only accumulate a handful of bonus games during any one playing session, to allow them to have some additional excitement during that current slot playing session.

Whilst you may think this system is rather unusual, mad or even eccentric there is no getting away from the fact that the most exciting part of any slot playing session is when you trigger the bonus feature rounds, and by guaranteeing you will have several of them awaiting for you whenever you choose to play off those saved up bonus feature rounds, that one session when you do play them all off is going to be very exciting and potentially very rewarding!


Things to Keep in Mind When Accumulating Slot Game Bonus Rounds

Be aware that if you are playing a slot session and you have a bonus in your account it is probably best that you do not use this type of playing system, for any winnings achieved off the bonus games when you finally get to play them off may be subject to any leftover play through requirements attached to that bonus.

So try and utilize this slot playing system when you are playing with real money credits only, for if that bonus game playing session results in a huge amount of winnings being awarded to you then you will not have to meet and exceed the pay through requirements that you would if you have a bonus in your account when you triggered those bonus games originally.

Make sure that you make a note of which slot games you have saved up those bonus games when playing, for it is way too easily for your to forget the occasional slot game and that will mean you will have a bonus feature round waiting for you to play off that has completely slipped your mind, and that bonus game could be that often illusive huge paying one.



This type of slot playing session may not be for everyone, but if you do decide to give it a try, then do make sure that one the initial slot playing session you are playing and accumulating those bonus game feature round on you do play off a few of the bonus games that may get awarded to you and do not save them all up.

For failing to play off a few of the bonus games you have been awarded may see your gaming budget allocated to that one particular slot playing session dwindling away quite rapidly. One good way to save up bonus feature rounds is to do it over several gaming sessions, as that way you will not have to miss out on the enjoyment on the initial slot playing session by not getting to play off those bonus feature rounds!

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