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Bonus Feature Awarding Slot Game Reel Symbols

lumber-cats-slotReel symbols can be confusing at the best of times, and with the advent of more and more bonus features being designed and attached to many brand new video slot games, today we are going to take a look at some of the different types of reel symbols that can award all manner of different bonus feature rounds.

If you do enjoy playing video slots then you are going to have access to literally thousands of different types of slots on which you can trigger free spins bonus games, pick to win bonus rounds, wheel spinning based bonus games, in fact the list is almost endless!

However, if you are new to the online gambling environment and need a little help getting your head around the way the many different video slot machines can and will award their respective bonus games, then please keep on reading for this slot playing guide is going to be of great interest to you.

Once you have finished reading through this guide we invite you to checkout some of our featured online casinos as each one of them is going to allow you to sign up as a new player and give any of their bonus game awarding video slots some play time in a no risk, free play environment, and this is going to be one of the best ways to test drive these types of slots to see if you do indeed like the way they play and pay!


Scatter Reel Symbols

The most common way that you are going to trigger a bonus game on a video slot game is by spinning in a certain number of scatter symbols. What makes these symbols so very unique is that they only need to appear in view on the slot games screens for them to come into play.

Unlike every other type of real symbol that needs to form a winning combination on an activated payline when you spin in the minimum required number of scatter symbols anywhere in view then the bonus game on that game will be triggered.

The advantage for low rolling slot machine players regarding playing slots which trigger their respective bonus feature rounds with scatter symbols is that you are never going to have to play them with all of the pay lines in play to have the chance of triggering the bonus game feature rounds!

So if you are playing on a very strict and limited gaming budget then do consider playing these types of slots. Also you will find that not only do most scatter symbols trigger a bonus game when enough of them spin in, you will also in addition to being awarded the feature round get paid a special payout when they spin in, and that bonus payment is usually a multiple of your total staked amount you put into play on the base game spin on which those scatter symbols spun in and appeared.


Bonus Reel Symbols

When playing any type of slot game that will award you with a bonus feature round via a set of bonus symbols, then it is usually the case that those bonus symbols have to form a winning combination only on activated pay lines.

You will need to line them up on reel one and then the required number of them on consecutive reels, so it is important that you play the maximum number of lines on any slot offering such a bonus game awarding structure, for playing less that the maximum number of pay lines you will reduce quite dramatically your overall chance of triggering the bonus feature game.

The types of bonus game most commonly triggered by bonus reel symbols are picking and matching bonus games as well as wheel spinning bonus games and also pick to win feature rounds.

Random Bonus Feature Games

You will find that there are some online slot machines that will award you with their bonus games at random, and as such you will never have to spin in any scatter symbols or bonus symbols to trigger the bonus games on these types of slots.

One game which does offer such a randomly awarded bonus feature round is the Thunderstruck II slot game which is found in the gaming suite of Microgaming powered casinos, and when the bonus game is randomly awarded you could be seriously in the money!

How this bonus game works and operates which by the way is identical to the one attached to the Immortal Romance slot machine is that one to five of the reels will turn wild during your base game spin, and the one aspect of this bonus feature round that will excite you is that the more of the reels that turn wild the bigger and better the winning payouts will become.

In fact if all five of the reels end up turning wild then you could be in for one of the biggest jackpots attached to a non progressive slot game! So make sure you checkout those slots if you fancy giving them a whirl and seeing if Lady Luck will help trigger those randomly awarded bonus feature rounds for you!



If you do ever play a bonus game awarding slot game and you are unsure how the bonus game is triggered then remember that the pay table and the slot games help files which can be accessed online are going to enlighten you completely on every aspect of the slot including the bonus feature rounds.

So if you come across a new slot game and have any reservations about playing it then simply checkout the game play rules and you will be in a much more informed position and will be able to make a judgement call on whether that slot game is going to be one you will enjoy playing, or not as the case may be!

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