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Can I Completely Configure Mobile Slots to Suit My Bankroll?

Never be under the impression that you are going to have to play any type and category of online slot game for stake levels that will blow apart your bankroll way too quickly! For by making the very wise decision of playing at our featured casino sites you will have plenty of fully configurable slots, in regards to the staking options you can play them.

Be aware though, that when playing certain slot games online, such as progressive slot games, there may be a requirement to either activate every single pay line attached to some of those types of slots or play them for maximum bet stake amounts to have any chance of winning their respective progressive jackpots.

In fact, you don’t necessarily have to play slot games at any casino site for real money, as all of them we have showcased and fully reviewed on this website will give players the option of playing their slots with demo mode credits and as such you can play those slots for free and at no risk if you prefer!

Below we are going to be introducing you to a range of slot games which do offer different staking options, so please read on as you may never have come across any of these slots before but may be interested in playing them online!


All Pays and Fixed Pay Line Slot Configurations

Quite a number of slot machines and slot games will be offering you either a fixed payline playing structure or one that are collectively known as an All Pays playing structure. When playing such slots you are forced to have to wager every single pay line or way to win on each spin you play off.

All Pays slots are slightly different to fixed pay line slot games in as much as you are only required to play a set number of coins or an increment of those coins to have every single way to win in live play, so always configure them in such a way that you can afford to play off a lot of base game spins hen playing them!

Coin values can however be adjusted on such slots and to be fair when playing All Pays slot you will find them quite cost effective slots to play, as often when for example playing a 243 ways to win slot you will only be required to play 25, 30 or even 50 coins per spins to have all 243 ways to win in live play, so you will get the maximum winning opportunities for the lowest stake level.

However keep in mind that such slots, either fixed payline or all pays slots will have a preset long term payout percentage which is not altered, increased or decreased no matter who much you stake per spin.

Often the bonus games and bonus features on such slots are designed to take advantage of the fact that players are playing very single pay line a slot game has to offer, so those types of slots can and do offer some much high valued jackpot and bonus game winning payouts than the optional pay line slots that you will find an overview of below.


Optional Pay Line Slots

When playing any slot machines that come with optional pay lines you can put into play a minimum of one single line per spin or as many of them as the slot has on offer. Be aware thought that you will be able to configure the coin values plus many slots will also let you increase the number of coins you wager on each line you activated too.

When playing a slot machine that offers a bonus game on which you have to spin in and line up bonus symbols to trigger a bonus game on activated pay lines you will be best advised to put into play every single line on offer.

Failure to do so will reduce your overall chances of triggering the bonus game, so y not playing maximum line spins you will not trigger the bonus game as often as you would when playing maximum bet spins on those slots.

If you are playing a slot on which scatter symbols are used to trigger a bonus game, then it doesn’t matter how many line you activated per spin, you will have the same chances of triggering a bonus game when playing any number of lines as a player who is playing maximum lines spins has.



You will be able to play any type of slot machines you like the look of, with the exception of a handful of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines at any of our featured online and mobile casino sites completely free of charge once you register as a new player.

What we would therefore advise any slot player who has never played slots online before is to initially set aside a few playing session where they do log into the casino as a guest free player and then pick to a range of different slots and play them in a no risk playing environment.

By doing so you will then be able to see for yourself just how configurable each slot machine is and will also be able to see at first-hand how bonus games and bonus features can and will be triggered as you are playing them for free and can then put together a list of the slot you enjoy playing the most for free to play for real money at a later date.

But be aware most casino sites do have hundreds of different slot machines available, so your slot playing sessions can be very long if you intend to play aw die and very diverse range of slots!

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