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Dangers of Chasing Progressive Slot Jackpots

There is one thing that you should never do if you enjoy playing slot machines on which there is one or more than one progressive jackpots on offer, and that is chase those jackpots. By chase we mean become totally obsessed with trying to win such a jackpot and then playing and playing and playing in the hope the next jackpot winning is you!

If you do become obsessed with trying to win such a jackpot then you will often find that you can spend a small fortune trying to do so, and there are no guarantees that the next jackpot winner will be you.

Imagine how you would feel if you have been playing a slot machine linked up to others that all share the same progressive jackpots, and have been playing that slot machines for hours and have lost a fair bit of money playing it in an attempt to win the jackpot, only to find the player sat next to you wins that jackpot!

Always keep that thought in mind when playing any slot machines that do have any type of progressive jackpots attached to them and play them responsibly and know when to stop playing them!


Playing When the Jackpots Are Higher than Average

Some quite savvy progressive slot machine players like to increase their chance of actually winning a progressive jackpot and will as such will put into play a playing strategy that will see them only playing progressive slot machines when the value of the jackpots on offer on one or more slot games are higher than the average amount won by players.

So for example if you come across a slot machines which tends to payout its jackpot when it reaches the 25k mark (in whatever currency you are playing that slot machine with) then you should only stat to play it when the jackpot is over 25k in value, as that jackpot is therefore overdue and an overdue jackpot may just be about to be won.

However, as long as you always keep in mind that it is luck that is required to win any slot machines progressive jackpot and you have no way of forcing a slot to payout its jackpot and will never know when it will pay out its jackpot you will be fine playing such slot machines, but never ever chase those jackpots!


Make Sure Jackpot Payouts are Paid Out Quickly

One thing you will need to be aware of if you choose to play a progressive slot machine in a land based casino is that depending on which jackpots you win the way the casino is going to pay you out those winnings can change.

Take for example when you play the Mega Bucks range of slots, if you win the huge sized jackpots attached to those slot machines you are paid out in equal annual instalments by IGT. However some of the much smaller progressive jackpots are paid out in cash on the spot!

When playing at online casino sites if you play at any Microgaming software powered casino site and win any of their progressive slot game jackpots your winnings are paid out to you quickly and via a single lump sum payment.

Some other casinos using different suppliers slot machines may have rules associated with their casinos that stipulate you can only request a certain maximum amount for withdrawing winnings each week or month, so when playing at such a site if you are ever lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot is could take months or years to get paid out the full amount of that jackpot win!



The best way to play progressive slot machines, will be to set yourself a budget and sick to it, whilst also ensuring that whatever way you are required to play such a slot machine to have a chance of winning the jackpot or jackpots on offer, such as activating all pay-lines is how you do set each spin to play off!

Whilst there are of course some jackpots that can take years to be won, you are going to find that the majority of smaller valued jackpots are won each day or every few days, it will of course though be down to just how lucky you are when playing such a slot machine and whether the random number generator determines whether any spin you do play off is going to be the jackpot winning spin.

Try and play a range of different progressive jackpot paying slot machines, for with so many of them available and lots of them coming with unique themes and also a range of unique bonus games you are always going to find plenty of them you do find appealing and will want to play!

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