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Do I have to pay to Enter Slot Tournaments?

gold-factory-slotSlot tournaments are simply a way for you to play slots in a competition styled way whereby you are awarded with a set amount of time and will be given a set number of credits on a slot machine and then will simply be faced with playing off as many spins as you can before your time and/or credits run out.

When you do enter such a slot tournament online the only way that you are going to be able to win one of the prizes on offer on them is by spinning in as many winning combination and possibly triggering as many high paying bonus games and/or bonus features as you can.

For all of the winning payouts you do achieve when playing off your entry are awarded to you as points and not more playing credits, and as such if you have a high paying slot playing session when playing in a slot tournament then you have the best chances of winning one of the prizes attached to that tournament.

The best aspect of playing in many online slot tournaments is that they are free to enter, there are some paid to enter ones but those that are risk free and have no entry fee will probably appeal to you the most and for reference they are known as freeroll slot tournaments!


Best Time to Take Part in Online Slot Tournaments

One aspect of playing in any online slot tournament that does need factoring into your playing strategy is the actual time of day you decide to take part in them!

It is at the busiest times of the day and night that you will find slot tournaments are going to be heavily subscribed, and it is a simple fact that the more players who do enter any slot tournament the lower your chances will be of winning one of them.

The savviest of slot players will therefore aim to take part in any online slot tournament at the quieter times of the day or night or on the days of the week when the casinos are at their quietest, and with that in mind that is something you should consider doing!

For if you can find a slot tournament offering a high valued top prize and there are not many players who have entered it then you will have more chances of winning.

However, with a little bit of luck in playing you could win any slot tournament you enter, so do not be put off entering any of them even if they are fully subscribed!


Look Out for Satellite Slot Tournaments

Another type of slot tournament that you may be interested in entering are those that are known as satellite slot tournaments, when you take part in this type of tournament you will not be winning cash prizes, instead out can win a free entry into a paid to enter slot tournament, and one that will have some very substantial payouts on offer.

There are two type of satellite slots tournament the first are going to be free to enter ones, however those tournaments usually only have a certain number of positions available in them, and what you will find is that they do tend to get filled up quickly and as such you should register to take part in them as soon as they open.

You will also find quite a number of paid to enter satellite tournaments available which will be very low cost ones, and with some luck in playing you could bag yourself a free enter into a major slot tournament when taking part in them. Plus, you can often us add ones and re-buys to help you increase your score when taking part in any of these type of slot tournaments!



If taking part and entering slot tournaments is something that you do fancy doing then you will of course need to track down a casino site that is going to not only be offering you a huge variety of different tournaments but also a range of tournaments that come with no entry fee as well as some paid for slot tournaments.

By doing so you are then going to have the maximum choice and range of different slot tournament you can take part in and will be guaranteed of finding several of them that are structured in a way that you find appealing.

With that in mind please do take a look at the Microgaming Gaming Platforms and their range of slot games and casinos that we have reviewed and listed throughout our website as the download gaming platform offered by Microgaming is the one on which you are going to find the biggest range of different slot tournaments on offer to you!

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