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Do Professional Slot Players Exist?

gold-factory-slotWhen you visit the websites of most online casinos you will often find a list of those sites most recent big winners. Often you will notice it is the same player’s names scrolling around the listing, and most of the time it will be slot games that those players have had a lot of success playing, and the amounts they have won can often seem enormous.

This will often lead to the question of whether there is such a thing as a professional slot player, for if one player is constantly winning, and winning big when playing at one or more online casino sites then that player must either know a few tricks on how to get the slot games to pay out regularly and as such you may be asking yourself is that player a professional slot player and does such a player really exist.

In this slot playing article we are going to take a look at how some players never seem to lose when playing slots, and somewhere in this article you may find a few hints and playing tips to help you improve your slot play!


High Stake Slot Players Win Big!

One reasons why you will often see one players’ name being mentioned constantly on the list of big winners name lists at online casino sites is not due to those players knowing some top secret formula on how to play slot games and get them to pay out constantly, it is down to the simple fact that those players will be high stake slot players, and quite naturally they are going to win big when playing slots online due to the stake levels they are playing for!

If you enjoy playing slot games online and are quite prepared and can comfortably afford to play for high stake amounts then you need to first and foremost before you simply randomly pick a slot to play is to find those that boast the highest payout percentages.

By only playing the higher paying slots when playing for high stake levels you are more likely to spin in more winning combinations than would be the case if you played slots set with lower payout percentages.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing for high stake levels is slot variance, if you play for high stakes and want to add even more risk to you gaming sessions, in the hope you will occasionally spin in some mega size winning payouts then opt to play the high variance slots as opposed to medium variance or low variance slots.


Slot Players Classed As Advantage Players

The nearest thing you are going to get to a professional slot player in the online gaming environment is a player who will be classed as an Advantage Player by an online casino site, these types of players are not particularly liked by online casinos as the way those players tend to play slot games is one that leaves the casino at risk of having to pay out some large winning payouts quite regularly!

An Advantage Player is simply an online casino game player who spends large amounts of time each day searching around the web for casinos that have just put together a new promotional offer, usually a deposit match or reload casino bonus and will then dissect carefully the terms and conditions of those bonuses to see if they are beatable by using a perfect playing strategy once they have claimed them and then started to play slot games.

A beatable bonus is simply one that has been poorly designed by the promotions teams at an online casino or in the case of a brand new casino that has just launched, the inexperience of the casino operator often means they offer too generous a set of bonuses to new players when they first launch and this is something an Advantage Player will be able to spot and make full use of!

In regards to what makes any casino bonus beatable by a slot player, you need to take a look at the play through requirement attached to that bonus, and see if it is sufficiently low enough to give players a good chance of reaching the play through requirements, more so when they are playing slots with the very highest payout percentages.

It is often the case that slot bonuses that only have a play through requirement attached to the bonus amount only, and not the qualifying deposit amount that are beatable by players, more so if the actual play through requirements of the bonus is lower than 20 times the bonus amount only.

There are of course no guarantees that a player will be able to claim a bonus from an online casino then sit down and play the slot games on offer at those sites and end the session in profit, but when there are several players working together as a team, if they all pool their resources it is often the case one of the players in that team will win a substantial amount of cash via claiming a large bonus and then cashing out the very second they have reached the play through requirements!



As a slot player you are always best advised to only ever consider playing the slot games with the highest payout percentages, and only to take advantage of any promotional offers if they offer you a true and genuine chance of winning once you have claimed them.

It can often be the case that online casinos may offer huge and very attractive looking slot bonuses, but you will often find you have to deposit a large amount of your own cash to get those bonus funds, and the terms and bonus rules attached to the bonuses make it highly unlikely that you will never be able to cash out anything from that bonus slot playing session, so always keep that in mind and select any bonuses you take carefully!

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