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Do Slot Games Pay More on a Weekend?

reels-royce-slotOne question that you may have if you are a slot player is whether there is more chance of winning when paying slot games online over the weekend, and the reason for you asking this is that you may have realised that there are often a huge number of players logged into an online casino site over the weekend when compared to the number of plays found playing in such sites during the working week.

When more players are playing then many of those players will lose which does of course mean if you manage to play a slot that has been fed with money and hasn’t paid anything out for any amount of time there may be a good chance of that game being about to payout.

However, it does not matter when you play any type of online slot games your chances of winning or for that matter losing will always remain the same, as the payout percentages of slots available at online casinos are set in stone and cannot be adjusted higher or lower by the operators of those casino sites.


How to Increase Your Winning Chances

You will often find that as there are many more players who have spare time over the weekend, many online casinos are going to put together some form of bonus offers and special promotions on a Saturday and/or Sunday, and as such that is something worth remembering, as you can often lock in a lot of value by only playing at casinos that are offering for example a deposit match bonus at the weekend.

By taking advantage of only the most generous casino bonuses you will naturally get a much more increased chance of winning, for the bigger your initial starting bankroll when coupled with a set of low play through bonus requirements that could enable you to have a successful and profitable slot playing session and come out of the end of it with a cashable amount of credits in your casino account!

Another aspect of playing slot games at the weekend which may just give you a slightly increased chance of winning is for you to make note of the current values on all of the available progressive slot games.

All progressive slot machines that have been established and available for many years will have something that is known as an average jackpot payout amount. This is simply the amount of cash that is won on average by players managing to win the jackpot attached to any slot game.

If you happen to notice that any progressives slot game currently has a jackpot that is large in size and its value is way higher than the amount that is usually awarded and won by players then that could be a good time to play that slot, as that jackpot will be over due and may be about to hit sooner than later!


Saving Up Your Slot Machine Bonus Games

If you are the type of slot game player who does a lot of your real money gaming action over the weekend, but often finds they have no available gambling budget left to play their favourite games during the week, then it may pay dividends for you do consider saving up some of your bonus games awarded to you on some slots that you play over the weekend.

Once any online slot game you are playing, for example at a Microgaming powered casino site has awarded you a bonus game, which could be anything from a set of free spins to a pick and win type off bonus game, if you exit that slot and do not play off that bonus game there and then, as soon as you launch and load that slot game at a later date the bonus game will be waiting for you to play it off.

With that in mind should you wish to guarantee that you will have some fun and winning opportunities during the following week, when you may not have an available gambling bankroll, make sure when you are having your usual weekend slot playing sessions you save up a few of those bonus games, and then during the week you can return to those slots, launch the bonus games and then with some luck may win a sizeable amount of cash to allow you to have another slot playing session!

Just make sure that you do not forget which slot games you have saved up those bonus games on, for if you do you could spend hours launching each game in the hunt for them!



As you have just found out it does not matter when you play slot games online, you will always have the same equal chance of both winning and losing! However, when you play in a land based casino it is always worth remembering that any new slot games that many have just been wheeled out onto the gaming floor may come with slightly higher short term payout percentages.

Online casinos are not able to change or alter the payout percentages of slots one they have gone live, but land based casinos will often launch their newest slot games over a weekend and those games may have been put onto the gaming floors with increased payout percentages to get players to play them and become accustomed to how they work and operate.

You will however find that once any new slot game has become established land based casinos can and often do then lower the long term expected payout percentages, so always keep that fact in the back of your mind!

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