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How do Both Ways Slots Play and Pay?

gopher-gold-slotThey really should bring out some form of course you can study to enable you to fully understand how all of the thousands of online slot games work and operate! There are so many different playing structures, bonus features and ways to play slots it can often overwhelm players who are new to playing slots online.

However, we do have a vast and growing number of slot and general casino game playing guides and articles on this website, and as such if you have the time to read through several of them you will soon get a much better understanding of the way slot games work and operate.

In this slot game guide we are going to take a look at slots which have something known as a Both Ways playing structure and format, and these types of slots offer something no other type of slot can and that is they offer you double the number of ways of winning on each spin you send into live play!

Standard Both Ways Play Structure

There are several online slots that utilize a Both Ways type of playing structure, some of the oldest ones still around are found on Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform, and when playing these slots you will have the ability to play up to 5 pay lines per spin. The stake levels on these slots are of course fully adjustable and when playing them you can only opt to play a single coin on each of those pay lines.

However, on each spin you play off a winning combination can and will be awarded to you as soon as you get three or more symbols on a payline from the left hand side of the screen or the right hand side of the screen, so your one single coin wager per payline will let you have two chances of winning per spin.

The only minor downside to Microgaming’s Both Ways slot games is that they do not come with any type of bonus games and as such they do not have scatter symbols on the reels, however some of them have wild symbols and offer a very straight forward yet high paced type of gaming session.

If you fancy playing some of these slots then log into a Microgaming powered casino and click on the video slot link and you will find them listed under the 5 payline section in the side menu. These slots are the Winning Wizards slot which has a base jackpot of a fairly large 10,000 coins, the Crazy Chameleons slot which has a base game jackpot worth some 5,000 coins, the Totem Treasure slot which has an even larger 12,000 coin jackpot and the Oriental Fortune slot which has a wild symbol and offers a jackpot of some 5,000 coins.

One of the more recent yet quite older Both Ways slots Microgaming have launched is their Gopher Gold slot game and this one has wild symbols, plenty of standard reel symbols and a jackpot on offer worth some 12,000 coins in total.

Pay to Play Both Ways

Whilst you can play all of the above named Both Ways slots without having to place any additional type of wager to activate that playing structure if you fancy playing a very modern and up to date slot which has a Both Ways playing structure then consider playing the Atomic 8’s video slot game, this is a great slot to play which comes with a great playing format.

However, when you play this particular slot you can play it as a standard slot with no bonus features or bonus games on offer and a left to right playing structure, or if you prefer you can put into play a bonus bet on which the slot will then operate in a Both Ways playing structure.

The base game has been designed as a nine payline slot, so when you activate the Both Ways playing structure you will have, for a small additional bonus bet, 18 ways to win in play on each spin, and as this slot has scatter symbols and wild symbols there are plenty of additional winning combinations that you can form and spin in.

You can play more than one coin on each payline and as such this slot does offer a much larger base game jackpot that all of those older Both Ways slots we told you about early. Be aware that if you opt to put into play the bonus side bet option then you will be forced to pay an additional 3 coins valued at the coin values you have placed on the base game, when you are playing maximum bet spins.


One thing to keep in mind when you are looking for some new slot games to play is that you are going to be able to play some high paying slots, for the payout percentages attached to the vast majority of online slot games are set very high, however do be aware that there is only one published long term expected payout percentage for all of the above named Both Ways slot games.

This means that in regards to playing the Atomic 8’s slot there is no real advantages of playing the Both Ways playing structure for over the long term the slot is going to aim for its listed payout percentage no matter whether you place that bonus bet or not!

So you are best advised to give the standard older Both Ways slot games some play time as opposed to play that particular slot for you will never have to pay anything extra to activate and play all for the pay lines and as such will have just as much chance of winning when playing for the same set stake per spin you make!

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