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What are Random Wild Symbols?

jonny-specter-slot-wildAs you will have discovered if you have had the time to read through our guide on the new breed of slot game reel symbols, there are lots of different reel symbols that can help you form multiple winning combinations when playing some of the more recently launched slot games online.

When playing at any of our top rated casinos online you are going to come across a handful of slots which have something known as random wild symbols in play on their reels, and as we always like to introduce our slot playing website visitors to as many new bonus games, reel symbols and slot games as is possible we cordially invite you to have a read through this guide on random wild symbols!


How Random Wild Symbols Work

A random wild symbol is one type of quite unique slot game reel symbol that can, as the name suggests, randomly find itself attached to one or more of the reel strip locations in view and in play on the slot game you are playing, and when it does it can turn a non wild position or a standard reel or number of reel symbols into a completely wild ones.

All of the randomly awarded wild reel symbols and standard random wild symbols will go by many different names and below we have put together a listing and overview of each of them, which should allow you to get a much better understanding of how they work, what they are called and on which slot games these special reel symbols can be found on.


Swooping Wild Symbols

The Great Griffin slot game is a prime example of a slot game online which comes with random wild symbols in play, and when you are playing this slot at the end of any single base game spin what you will be hoping to see is a large Griffin appear on the top of the screen, for when it does you are going to get one or more wild symbols magically and randomly appearing on any of the reels.

Once the Griffin appears it swoops across the screen and as it do so it can swoop down and touch one or more of the standard reel symbols on any of the five reels, and when it does so those reel symbols it touches and selects will then become wild symbols, and the more of them that end up turning wild the more chance you will have of forming one or more winning combinations, more so when you are playing lots of pay lines on that base game spin!


Wandering Wild Symbols

We are beginning to find some of the names that slot game designers give to their random wild symbols quite amusing, and one type of wild symbol that you will find attached to some online slot games such as the Jonny Specter slot is the  Wandering Wild symbol!

When you are playing this slot game a random wild symbol which has been designed as a cute little ghost reel symbol will float around the screen and when all five of the reels you have sent into motion come to a stop that ghost symbol will then attach itself to one of the other reel symbols in view on the screen, and that reel position then is turned wild.

Whilst on most occasions the wild symbol will not help you form a winning combination, from time to time and with some luck it could help you complete a large paying winning combination, and that makes this slot a very exciting one to play.


Character Symbol Awarded Random Wild Reels

One final slot game that we just know is going to give you a very entertaining type of slot game playing session is the Dark Knight slot game, this slot if you are unaware comes with a Batman theme and as such you will find all of the reel symbols and the back drop of the slot are based around this theme.

However, when playing this slot you can randomly be awarded one of several different bonus features and these are awarded to you as soon as either Batman or the Joker appears on the side of the screen.

One of the bonus features that either of these two character symbols can award to you is a random wild feature and what this will do when awarded to you is that Batman or the Joker will select one or more of the reels to become filled with wild symbols.

Due to this slot offering you 243 ways to win on each spin you set in motion then when this bonus feature is awarded to you then you will want to see Batman or the Joker turning as many of the reels as possible wild, for the more than turn wild the more chance you have of forming up to 243 winning combinations on the screen!



If you do fancy giving some of the above named slot games some play time, then make sure you checkout our list of featured online casino sites, for by doing so you will find details of a range of special and exclusive slot game bonuses, and by taking advantage of them you will get a much larger starting bankroll to play those slots with, and will therefore get lots more winning opportunities when playing them!

Should you be  a little wary as to whether you will actually enjoy playing slots offering random wild symbols, then why not play those games at no risk via the free play options each of our featured and showcased and fully reviewed casino sites offer you? You have nothing to lose by giving them a little no risk play time and by doing so you can compile a list of slots that you can then try out via the real money modes.

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