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How Do I Know if Any Slot Games Online are Paying Out Well?

Would you walk up to a slot machine in a land based casino that had just paid out its jackpot and start playing it? Not many players would, for whilst all slots are of course random, most players are of the mind that it will be quite some time before that slot will payout big again if it has just done so.

However, there are some players who will start playing such a slot for they may think it is going to continue payout out. But when you are playing slot games online, you may be wondering if there are any ways that you can tell if a slot game has recently paid out well, so you can either play it or avoid playing it.

Well believe it or not there are a couple of tools that you could make use of that are going to allow you to tell just which slots in a casino are paying out, and in this slot playing article I will look at the ways that you can do just that.

Just keep in mind what I have already told you, that being slot games are completely random, so there is no real way of telling when they may payout or not!


Hot and Cold Jackpot Thermometer Readings

You may have heard of a company called Microgaming, they supply the games and also the gaming software platforms to quite a lot of online casino sites, and when playing at one of their casinos you have access to something known as a Jackpot Thermometer.

That is not as complicated a tool as you may first think, for it is nothing more than an animation that depicts a thermometer, and as such when you look at the one at the side of any slot you may be thinking of playing you will notice it has either a hot reading or a cold reading.

A cold reading indicates that the slot you are looking at hasn’t paid out its jackpots recently, and as such those jackpots are somewhat overdue and may just be about to be won.

If on the other hand you see a hot reading that means that a slot is paying out its jackpots, in fact its jackpots have very recently been won, and you then have to decide whether that slot machine may continue to pay out and if so you should play it, or whether that slot isn’t going to pay out anything due to the fact its jackpots have very recently been won!


Casino Website Winners Wall

There is also another way that you will be able to see just which slot games if any are paying out to other players or not, is by taking a look at a casinos website.

Many casinos now have a live feed linked up to their servers that will display on their websites the usernames of players who are currently playing at that casino site that are winning!

You will find the name of the slot they are playing on that live feed an also will be able to see just how much they have on when playing that slot game too.

So if you see a player winning big constantly on just one slot machine, then that may just be an indication that slot is currently playing hot and may be one you will also want to play too, but do also keep in mind that you will not know just what stakes those players are actually playing for, so they could be winning some large amounts of cash purely down to the fact they are playing for some very high stake amounts, but it is a handy tool when you want some help choosing just which slot games to play!



Slot players can be very superstitious when it comes to just which slot games they do play, however as long as you always remember that any slot you do come across in a licensed venue or at a licensed site are going to be giving you a completely random outcome then you will not go far wrong!

There is just as much chance of you winning on a slot that has just paid out a big win as you losing, for it is the random number generator that is going to ultimately determine just when or if a slot game will payout or spin in a losing combination.

That random number generator is going to be picking random numbers even when you are not playing it and it is always at the point in time that you click to tap onto the spin button that the outcome of the slot will then be determined, and the reels swill spin in the combination chosen by that random number generator!


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