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How Many Slots Should I Pay Consecutively?

The way that most casino software works these days’ means that dependent on just which casino sites you choose to play at, you are going to find all manner of unique features and option settings available to you as a player.

One feature that a growing number of casinos offer via their gaming platforms these days is an option whereby players are going to be able to open up and then play several different games simultaneously.

By doing so then players can for example play lots of different types of slot machines, in the hope that they do win some high valued winning payouts when playing more than one slot at a time.

However, the thing to note about being able and given the option of playing more than one slot at a time is that you are just as likely to lose much more quickly than win much more quickly!

The only person who can make the decision in regards to how many slots you should play simultaneously when playing at a casino site is you.

But keep in mind when playing lots of different slots in lots of game windows unless you use the auto play setting then you are going to have to keep on scrolling through each open window and then click on each slot games spin buttons to send their respective set of reels spinning!

So if you are every tempted to play multiple slots together in different windows all at the same time do make sure the casino you are playing at has auto play option settings on all of their slot games.


Which are the Best Slots to Play?

You are going to find lots of different types and categories of slot machines to play either individually and on their own or alongside other slot games.

However, you may be wondering right now just which if any are going to be the very best ones to play to hopefully see you winning big on any up and coming slot playing session you may have!

The one way that you will be best off choosing just which slots to get stuck into playing is by signing up to a casino site that will make available to you the payout percentages attached and on offer on every single slot game they have available.

Then only ever set about playing the slots that have the highest payout percentages, for over the long term you will get more of your stake money back when playing those slots than you ever would playing a slot which has a lower payout percentage!


Do New Slot Games Payout More?

Playing slot machines in land based casinos will often see you being able to play lots of new machines that may have just been wheeled out onto a casinos gaming floor.

But the one main difference between land based slot machines and those available online is that the former venues can adjust and alter the payout percentages that their new slot machines can payout to players.

As such you will often find in such places the newly launched slot machines will have slightly higher payout percentages than normal to allow players to experience playing them but by getting more winning combinations and bonus games being awarded to them!

However, online and mobile slot machines have a payout percentage that usually cannot ever be adjusted by a casino operator, but in most cases when playing at such a site and playing their range of newly launched slot games you will not find any difference in the payout percentages when they are new games or when they have become established.



At the end of the day you do need to keep in mind that it is always going to be down to luck and the random number generator attached to every slot machines or slot game in any playing environment as to whether you win or lose on any individual gaming session you have.

As such the best way to play slots is by you setting yourself a limit in regards to your bankroll and then sticking to that budget. You should also try and divide your bankroll up so you do at the very least get a certain number of spins from your bankroll.

If you do want to get even more spins and play time from your bankroll then look out for some of the many different types of bonuses and promotional offers that every single one of our featured and approved casinos have on offer.

But always make sure you only claim and then use bonus credits on slot games that have a very fair and reasonable set of terms can conditions, and always bonuses that have the very lowest amount of play through requirements attached to them too!

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