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How Often Do Slot Games Award Their Bonus Features?

halloweenies-slot-free-spinsThere are lots of different fast paced and fun to play slot games that you can play online, and as a player you are guaranteed to have a shortlist in regards to the types of slots you play more often than any other type of slot game.

There is a very good chance however that the most common type of slot games that you find yourself playing more and more are those on which you can trigger and be awarded a bonus game. For it is very true to say that those types of slots can give you an increased level of excitement and entertainment as you will be willing those scatter and bonus symbols required to trigger the bonus game to spin in as the reels are spinning, slowing down and stopping.

In this slot playing guide we are going to introduce you to some facts and figures surrounding how video slot games that offer one or more bonus game have been structured and designed, and will enlighten you on just how many base game spins you will on average need to play off before the bonus games are triggered.

Please do be aware though that all of the online video slot games you will find reviewed and showcased throughout this website all share one very important thing in common and that is they are all completely random.

With that in mind the average number of spins required on average to trigger the respective bonus feature on any slot game listed are going to vary when you are playing off any one or more session on that game, but over time you will always find the number of spins you play off and then get awarded the bonus game will get somewhere close to the listed average number of spins mentioned below.


Video Bonus Slot Game Facts and Figures

Let us first introduce you to one slot game that is going to award you with its bonus games very regularly and this slot is the Halloweenies slot game. When you choose to play this slot game there are two sets of symbols that can award you with either a picking type of bonus game or you can be awarded a free spins bonus game feature round.

Due to the reel strip structure of this slot you are going to be awarded the picking game once you have played off on average 84 maximum pay line base game spins, and the free spins bonus feature round will be on average awarded to you once you have played off 76 base game spins.

Another highly attractive and appealing bonus game awarding slot game is of course the all time classic Tomb Raider slot, and this game has proven to be one of Microgaming’s most played online slots thanks to its base and bonus games.

When you have played on average 143 number of base game spins you should trigger the free spins feature round, and on average you will have to play off 63 maximum pay line base game spins before you can then play off its unique and often very high paying pick to win feature game.

Should you be more interested in play a video slot game that can and will award you with a set of free spins, but also one or more progressive jackpots then you are going to find that the Mega Moolah slot is going to tick all of the right boxes in regards to what you are seeking.

This slot can award you with a set of free spins and on average the free spins bonus game will be awarded once every 146 base game spins, but do be aware that as the free spins are awarded by scatter symbols then it does not really mater how many of its 25 paylines you choose to activate and put into play as the free spin will be awarded to you once three scatter appear anywhere in view even if you have only activate a few of them or even just one of them.

Plus as the Mega Moolah slot also has four randomly awarded progressive jackpots that are awarded no matter how many of the 25 paylines you have chosen to put into play and activate you could in addition to being awarded a set of free spins walk off with a large progressive jackpot when playing this slot online!



As you have just found out there can and always will be a huge difference in regards to just how often any online or for that matter land based slot game is going to take before it will award its bonus feature round.

Whilst some slots can and will trigger their respective bonus games a large number of times in fairly quick succession, there are some slots which can take a long time before those bonus games are awarded. You will of course never know just how much you are going to be awarded with when a bonus feature round is awarded which does make slots offering that type of bonus game exciting to play.

However, if you do want the maximum playing pleasures and wish to play a range of slot games that can and will award a huge number of bonus games no matter how long you play those slots for then make sure you give some of the many Fruit Machines that can be accessed and play online some play time, as these design of those slot are such you will always be assured of getting the maximum entertainment and amusement value of out playing them online.

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