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Which Slots have the Best Pick to Win Features?

shoot-slot-bonusIf your head is beginning to get into something of a spin and you are becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of different video slot games which offer all manner of different bonus game features, then have a read though of this slot playing guide which is going to showcase to you a unique range of online slots.

The following slots all offer a different type of pick to win bonus feature round, and these types of bonus games are very easy to play for all you need to do once they have been triggered and awarded to you is to pick off symbols or locations on the bonus game screen to reveal a set of cash amounts, which will all be awarded to you.


Bonus Bet options Offering Pick to Win Features

We recently put together a slot playing guide which asked whether it is advantageous to place the bonus bet on the Golden Goose slot games, these are a series of slots on which you are able to place a completely optional side bet in the hope you will be randomly awarded one or more different types of bonus games.

We have to say that when playing the Golden Goose slots and placing that bonus bet there are times when you can do no wrong and the bonus games will trigger time and time again and as several of the bonus games you will be offered are pick to win bonus features then we think those slots may be worth you playing, so do check them out!


Multi Stage Pick to Win Bonus Feature Rounds

You will find a range of slot games available as both online and mobile slots that will give you the chance of trigger a multi stage type of pick to win bonus game feature round when you are playing the base game of the slot, and these slots do tend to be much more exciting than slots such as the Tomb Raider slot for example which offer you just a set in stone number of picks when you spin in a certain number of bonus symbols.

One of the newest slot games to appear online which offer a multi stage type of bonus pick to win feature round is the Shoot slot from Microgaming, and you when you are playing this slot game you can trigger a multi stage type of picking game which can award you with cash prizes and even sets of free spins.

Look out for slots such as the Moonshine slot or the Prime Property slot for these two slots offer a multi stake type of picking game and one the first stage of that bonus feature round you have to pick off locations on the bonus game screen to win free spins and multiplier values and in the second stage of that bonus game you then get to play off your awarded free spins on the multiplier values that you revealed during stage one of the bonus round!


Pick to Win Slots Offering the Largest Potential Payouts

The one type of video slot game which you may be interested in playing which offer you the largest potential winning payouts when their pick to win bonus feature rounds have been triggered are those slot games which do not award you with a set number of picks but instead offer a different types of bonus game playing structure.

You will come across some slots online such as the Age of Discovery slot game which when you spin in three or more of its bonus game awarding scatter symbols you are then presented with a bonus game screen on which there are a large range of locations to be picked off and selected.

When you are playing this particular slot game you will be able to keep on picking locations off that bonus game screen as long as the ones you pick reveal a cash award, but as soon as you reveal a Collect Symbol then you will not be able to pick any more locations of that bonus game screen and all winnings achieved and revealed up until that moment in time will all be added together and awarded to you as one final bonus game winning payout.

As you are therefore able to keep on picking and winning the amount of cash you can win when these bonus games trigger and you avoid the Collect Symbols can be quite substantial, however this slot and others like it can often be very frustrating slot games to play for if you select the collect symbols in the early stages of the bonus game playing out you will not win very much!



You should always consider playing any new slot game that you have never experienced playing before first via a free play demo mode version of that game, for often what appears to be a quite exciting and entertaining pick to win bonus game can turn out to be not as good as your first thought it would be when you trigger it!

With the number of base game spins you have to play before you trigger a bonus feature round often being a large number of them then why you play those types of slots for real money you could waste a fair chunk of your gaming budget trying to be awarded those pick to win bonus games only to find out they are not to you liking.

So always be prepared to play them for free, as you will then be able to play them up until the point when the bonus game is triggered and will be able to make an informed decision on whether it is worth playing that slot for real money once you have played off the pick to win bonus games yourself!

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