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How Playable are 3D Slot Games?

sterling-silver-3d-slotYou may have noticed that there have been attempts by some online casino software companies over the years to design and then launch 3D slot games. However, there has only been one software company that has managed to design a complete range of slots all boasting stunning 3D enhanced graphics and that company is BetSoft Gaming.

In this slot playing guide we are going to take a look at how these slot games play and pay and let you know just how playable they really are. We will also look at another company, that being Microgaming, and find out why their attempt at designing a range of 3D slot games only got as far as them launching just two of them!


Microgaming Launch their 3D Slot Games

In 2009 Microgaming launched their Great Galaxy Grab slot game which was their first attempt at launching a slot offering players supposedly 3D graphics, however this slot didn’t really give players the visual experience they had been hoping, and whilst the slot did offer a lot of bonus game feature rounds, it was hardly a slot that could be described as immersive or truly a 3D type of slot.

It was then back in 2011 that players who had signed up to Microgaming powered online casino sites first started to get letters sent to their home which contained a pair of the 3D glasses much like those that you are presented with when you goto the cinema to watch a 3D film.

These throwaway cardboard glasses which had a blue and red coloured lens also came with promotional material explaining these glasses were required to play the soon to be released Sterling Silver 3D slot game which was going to be the very first 3D slot game to go live online by Microgaming, and promised players it would be a highly playable slot game.

However, when this Sterling Silver slot finally went live later in 2011 players were left slightly deflated for all of the hype about this brand new slot was not matched by the slot itself, and this then became an often overlooked slot by players, more so if they had thrown away or misplaced their 3D Glasses!

In regards to how playable Microgaming’s range of 3D slot games is we would say they are not as playable as the only other slot game designer who has managed to launch a great number of 3D slots, that company being BetSoft Gaming.


BetSoft Gaming Offer the Ultimate 3D Slot Games

One company who really have managed to succeed in designing true 3D high definition slot games which can be accessed and played online is BetSoft Gaming. What makes their range of slots so very payable is that to experience those 3D graphics players do not need any special glasses to wear when playing them, and their range of slots are all accessible via a no download required type of gaming platform.

In fact BetSoft Gaming’s 3D slot games are now found in a large number of online casino sites thanks to their unique design, exclusive themes and more importantly thanks to each slot they have available coming with its own unique set of base and bonus game features, and a cast of fully animated reel symbols and character symbols.

Another thing that BetSoft Gaming has successfully managed to do with their suite of 3D slot game is to design them in such a way that they load and launch quickly, some no downloadable and supposedly instant play online slot games can take an absolute age to load in your chosen web browser once you have selected them, however when you pick and click a BetSoft Gaming designed slot to play it will soon be ready to play.

It is not just the graphics that make BetSoft Gaming’s range of slot games very attractive games to play, they also come with some of the best sampled sound effects you are going to find attached to any online slot game, and this will add to your playing experience and really bring those slot games to life.

Most online slots will offer you a range of optional gamble features which you can take whenever you have spun in a winning combination, however most of those available are simply playing card based guessing games on which players have to guess whether a card drawn out of the pack is higher or lower than the previous card or players are faced with having to select the suite of the next card drawn out.

BetSoft Gaming’s suite of interactive 3D slot games often come with a completely different type of gamble game, where players get to play a coin tossing game, or a dice rolling game in an attempt to double their initial winning combinations value, and those bonus games also play out with 3D graphics attached which makes then just as appealing as the base games!

If you do fancy giving the range of 3D slot games on offer at any online casino site that has them available then be aware they are accessible and playable via a demo mode version, and that does of course mean you are going to be able to first play them in a no risk environment to see if you actually like the way they play and pay!



When any online slot game designer launches a new slot playing concept it is going to be the test of time as to whether those slots really do catch players attention, obviously Microgaming’s attempt at designing 3D slots failed quite miserably and they have since decided to stick to designing their slots without those types of graphics on offer after the less than successful attempts via both their Great Galaxy Grab slot and the Sterling Silver 3D slot.

However, BetSoft Gaming are now known as the slot game designer whose range of slots really do offer players the most immersive type of playing experience thanks to those 3D graphics and animations, and as mentioned above you should not have any problems finding an online casino that has their range of games readily on offer.

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