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How to Guarantee You Trigger a Bonus Game

One aspect of playing any type of online slot machine that can be annoying is in regards to just how often the bonus games and bonus features can and will trigger when playing any such slots that do offer you the chance of being awarded with any number of features or bonus games.

Sometimes you can have all of the luck in the world and find you continually trigger bonus games and bonus features, however on some slot playing sessions, no matter how hard you try you never seem to trigger any bonus games.

To help you get some much more enjoyable slot playing sessions we have put the following guide together in an attempt to point you in the right direction in regards to just which slot machine you should be playing online and how you should play those slots to guarantee you will trigger a bonus game at some point in that playing session.

You really do not want to have any slot playing session where you play off hundreds or even thousands of base game spins and ever trigger a bonus game and with that in mind read on and then try out the following slots and play them in the way indicated!

Guaranteed Bonus Game Feature Rounds


You should head on over to a Real Time Gaming casino site if you want to be guaranteed of trigger a bonus game during any one given slot playing session, for by doing so you will find a large range of their slots have a unique type of playing feature that guarantees you will hit and trigger the bonus game attached to those slots in a set number of spins.

Take for example one of their slot offering a guaranteed bonus game within a maximum of 150 base game spins, when playing such a slot of which there are many, you should stake each spin in such a way that you can afford to play off at least 150 spins with your available bankroll.

By doing so you will then at the very least trigger one bonus game during that slot playing session, also keep in mind that a you are playing that slot with a maximum of 150 spins you should on in any number of winning combinations and as such your bankroll will not be completely decimated when the bonus game is trigged!

Slots You Will Always Trigger Bonus Games On


There are however some additional types of online slot games that due to their unique design are going to award you with a huge number of bonus games and bonus features, and those types of slot machines are collectively known as fruit machines.

What makes playing fruit machines online very appealing to many players is that they usually only come with one single payline and three reels, and as the stake levels can be set very low or high if you are a high rolling player, you will never find them expensive to play.

Bonus features such as the Hold and Nudge feature are awarded usually every few spins on those types of slot games, however each fruit machine will also have a huge number of additional bonus games built into them which you are highly likely to trigger depending on how long you play them.

One final thing worth noting about online fruit machines is that they have much higher payout percentages than fruit machines found in land based gaming venues so you will always get more winning payouts when playing them online compared to hen playing them in a land based venue!



The only real way that you are going to get a good and true feel form playing any type of bonus game awarding slot machine is to actually play them, and as all of the casino sites we have chosen to present to you offering a reel play demo mode version of each of their slot machine you are always more than welcome to test them out for free at these casino sites.

One question many players ask in regards to the free play version of online slots is whether they are identical in regards to the payout percentage son offer on the real money version of those games.

That is something you will be pleased to learn free play online slot machines do offer, for our handpicked range of casino sites have free play slots that come with the exact same payout percentages as the real money slots.

That means when playing them for free you will experience a similar type of playing structure and format a you would if you do decide to play any of those slot machines for real money, so do consider giving them a whirl for free and see how you get on!

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