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Most Popular Slot Game Playing Systems and Strategies

lumber-cats-slotWhilst it is of course very true to say that when you are playing Online Slot Games it is often down to luck and luck alone as to whether that slot playing session is going to be a winning one or a losing one, there some ways to play slots that can increase your chances of winning!

There are a few set in stone rules and playing strategies that players should always put into place and follow when playing slot games online or even in a land based casino, and in this slot playing guide we shall enlighten you on the best ways to play a range of slot games in the hope you will maximize your winning chances.


Best Strategy for Playing Video Slot Games

The first thing that you are going to discover when you start to Play Video Slot Games is that there are thousands and thousands of them available online! They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they will all boast their own unique themes and when playing any of them you will be able to trigger one or more different types of Bonus Game Feature Rounds.

When you are playing a video slot game offering any type of bonus game, then how that slot awards the bonus game should be taken into account when you are deciding how many paylines to put into play, if of course the pay lines are optional!

The best way to play slots on which you have to line up a set of bonus symbols on an activated payline to trigger those bonus games is to always play maximum pay lines, for by not doing so you will often find the bonus symbols lining up on a payline not sent into play and as such you will not trigger the bonus rounds that often!

If a slot game such as those which offer Free Spins will see you being awarding the bonus game by spinning into view, anywhere on the screen, a set of scatter symbols then you can safely select to play any number of pay lines when playing these slots as the number of pay lines you put into play will not have any effect on the chances of your triggering the set of free spins as those scatter symbols do not need to line up on any activated payline!

If you would like to trigger at the very least one bonus game feature round when you are playing a video slot game, then make sure you stick to playing those slots known as Real Series Slot games, these can be found at online casinos that use Real Time Gaming Software and several of these slots boast a unique Feature Guarantee.

How this Feature Guarantee works is that the slot machine you are playing is going to definitely trigger the bonus feature around attached to it with in a guaranteed number of base game spins.

As such if you find one that will guarantee that the bonus game will be triggered in 150 spins, then simply divide up your slot playing budget into 150 and then play off those spins at the unit stake you have arrived at after dividing up your budget by 150 and you will then be guaranteed of triggering the bonus game at the very least once during that slot playing session!


Playing 3Reel Slots Optimally

There are so many different Types of 3 Reel Slot Games available to online casino players you really could spend weeks testing them all out! However there are two very important things that you need to remember when playing these types of slot games and these are listed below, failing to take note of these two ways of playing these types of slots could see your winning chances diminish, so do pay attention to them both!

The first aspect of playing a 3 reel slot, on which there is just one payline on offer, is that you need to pay careful attention to whether that game offers you the ability of placing more than one coin on the single payline on each spin you make.

There is often an enhanced and enlarged jackpot payout awarded to anyone playing the maximum number of coins on the payline when the jackpot paying combination is spun in, so when playing such a slot it is important to always play maximum coins or you will end up getting a smaller jackpot!

The other aspect of playing thee reel slots is in regards to those which will let you play more than one payline per spin you send into live play, and on these types of slots the pay lines numbered higher than one will often have a bigger jackpot payout attached to it, and as such the only way to be assured of getting the highest possible payout percentage on these types of slots is to play them with all pay lines activated and in play.



If you stick to always playing the slot games which have the highest long term expected payout percentages, whilst at the same time always playing the maximum number of coins and/or paylines to take advantage of any enhanced payout percentages or bonus payouts you should have the maximum chances of winning when playing slots games online.

Whilst many slot players are renowned for having their own, often bizarre slot playing rituals, such as rubbing the reel glass, or taping the slot games buttons in a certain way that will never give you a better chance of winning!

One final word of advice is to never be put off playing a slot game which offers a higher payout percentage simply due to the fact you do not like the theme, design or structure of the slot, for the most important aspect of any slot game that is going to give you the best chances of winning is to always play the higher paying slots which the biggest available payout percentages!

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