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Pros and Cons of Multi Player Online Slot Games

wheel-of-wealth-multi-playerThere have been a handful of slot games that have been released and made available at casinos using Microgaming software over the last year or so that are offering players a brand new type of playing structure and format and these slots are known as Multi Player Slot Games.

As you may have never actually played these types of slot games online before then we have put together this very informative slot playing guide that will allow you to find out what pros and cons there are of playing these slots.

So please do keep on reading for when you next get the urge to play slot games online these newly launched and highly playable multi player slots may just appeal to you but you will of course need to get a full understanding of how they work and operate before you give them any amount of play time!


Play Multi Player Slots with Friends

The one definite attraction of playing multi player slots online is that there is a chat room feature attached to each of them and that means you can have a chat with all of the other players playing the game you are playing and that means if you have friends or family located anywhere in the world you can all log into one casino site and play the same multi player slot and all interact with each other when doing so.

You will also be able to see the slot game reels and screens of each of the other players playing the same slot as you, so you will be able to cheer them on and congratulate them if they spin in a large paying winning combinations or a jackpot!

Be aware though that the multi player slot games are only available to be play online as real money slots so sadly you cannot enjoy playing them in a no risk formats they are only available as real money games, but that does of course mean you have the chance of winning and winning big when playing any of them!


Everyone Triggers the Bonus Games Together

One of the best aspects that you will find on offer on all of Microgaming’s multi player slot games is that the bonus games will trigger and every single player who is involved with playing that slot at the moment in time the bonus feature round is awarded with get to ply off the bonus game together.

This does add something of another level to plying slots online for if you have ever played in a land based casino for example and you never seem to be able to trigger a free spins bonus game but other players sat nearby you always seem to trigger then and trigger them at very regular intervals then you will know how annoying that can be.

But when you play multi player slot games online the bonus games when triggered allows every other player to benefit from those bonus games.


Multiple Different Multi Player Slots

As you have just found out the bonus games when triggered on Microgaming’s range of online multi player slots when triggered will see every player playing that slot then getting to play off that bonus game all at the same time.

However, you may be sat there wondering just what bonus games can be triggered. You will find several different bonus games can be triggered and these include free spins bonus games and wheel spinning bonus games.

You will also find that you will have a much greater chance of being awarded the bigger potential winning payouts when the bonus games are triggered and awarded on multi player slot games if you choose to play them for high stake amounts.

Whilst you will of course be given the option of playing for tiny stake amounts, if you can afford to play them for slightly higher stake levels then that is the best way to actually play these slots, for as you will discover when watching your fellow players play their multi player slot for higher stake amounts when the slots respective bonus games are triggered those high rolling slot players can and often do pick up some very large winning payouts!



As you have now just read the multi player slot games can offer you a completely and unique way of playing slots online, and they may have sparked an interest in you, and if that is the case and you would like to give them some ply time for real money then please now read through some of our online casino site reviews for there are plenty of casinos offering these types of slot games.

One thing we would like to draw your attention to in regards to playing multi player slots is that some online casinos will not permit you to use their bonuses on those types of slot games, however in most cases you will find that our feature online casinos will be more than hoppy for you to play their multi player games it any bonuses they have credited to your account.

Plus always remember that when playing nay type of online slot games at our featured Microgaming casino sites then each spin you play off for real money will be helping you accumulate comp points which will be saved up in your loyalty club account and can be exchanged for playing credits at a time of your own choosing.

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