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Setting a Winning Goal Playing Slots

How many times you have started playing slot games and slot machines and have immediately hit a winning streak? You have probably done so many times if you are a regular slot player and there may also have been times when you have had some unbelievably lucky slot playing session where every slot machine you played paid out!

However, what many slot players will find they do is to continue to play slot games to the point in time where they have completely diminished their bankroll and slot playing budget, and it can often be heart breaking to look back at an initially winning slot session and then if you had stopped playing when you did when you would be sat their showing a profit and not a loss!

With that in mind we have put in place and compiled the following guide that will be taking a look at how you can ensure you always look in a winning profit if you do have a winning streak when playing slot games and slot machine by putting into place a winning goal.


Best Slot Machine Winning Goals to Set

We are sure there is one amount of cash you want to win when playing slot machines online and that figure will usually be as much as you possibly can do!

However, it will always be when you have set yourself a winning goal that will determine just how you play the slot machines you have chosen to play and the savviest of online slot players are going to have a winning goal in mind that is much easier to achieve.

If you want something of a low risk slot playing session when playing or real money we would urge you to set your winning goal as low as you can do.

For you will often find you can increase the value of your bankroll by 25% very quickly on some real money slot playing sessions so that is one winning goal you may choose to have in place and when you do boost the value of your bankroll by 25% make sure you stop playing. If you want a much riskier type of slot playing session then aim to boost your bankroll by 50% or 100%!


What Should I Set as a Loss Limit Playing Slots?

You are always going to be at the mercy of luck and randomness when playing any types of slot machines in any playing environment and before you start playing slot game you need to keep in mind some session are going to be losing ones and not always winning ones.

With that in mind you should set yourself a loss limit that being the maximum amount of cash you are prepared to lose on any one slot playing session.

Many slot players never stop playing online slot games until they have run out of money, however by stopping playing when you have a percentage of your initial starting bankroll still in your casino account you will always then have funds to play with without having to make a fresh deposit.

If you want a very low risk type of slot playing session then set yourself winning goal of 50% of your initial starting bankroll and also a loss limit of also 50% that way you will never lose your entire bankroll only half of it and may with some luck in playing boost the value of your bankroll by 50% of its starting bankroll!



If you ever want to play slot machines and slot games online but you cannot afford to do so in a real money playing environment then there are a handful of ways that you could be able to play slots for free and at no risk but have a chance of winning real money.

The first way is by you signing up to any of our listed and approve online casino sites that have on offer a range of daily free to enter slot tournaments, for by entering those freeroll slot tournaments you will have the chance of winning real cash prizes without the need to pay anything to enter the slot tournaments.

Also quite a number of our featured and top rated online casino sites will also offer you a set of no risk free spins to play their slot games with and any winnings you achieve when playing of those free spins will be awarded to you as either bonus credits or cash credits.

In fact, you may also find some of our featured casino sites are giving you access to no deposit bonuses when you register as a new player, so be on the lookout for those types of promotional offers which have no risks attached to them at all!

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