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The Best Time to Enter a Slot Tournament

mad-hatters-slotYou will find that if you are looking to take part in online slot tournaments, then you really are going to be spoilt for choice due to the number of them that can be accessed online. In fact all of the major and better known online casinos, many of which we have fully reviewed for you on this website will have lots of slot tournaments up and running throughout the day and night at their sites.

However, one question that you may want answering is just when is the best time to take your entry in any online slot tournament, and it may surprise you to know that by timing your entry just right there may be a chance of you having an increased chance of winning one of the cash prizes on offer on any slot tournament!

So let us now take a look at when you should take your entry in an online slot tournament and explain to you why you could get an increased chance of winning. The quieter times of day at most casino sites are in the early hours of the night and also on Mondays and Tuesdays.

With that in mind it is going to be worth your whilst taking part in any slot tournaments in the early hours or on a Monday or a Tuesday as there are naturally going to be much fewer numbers of other players taking part in them, and with the number of entrants being much lower that instantly increases your chances of winning one of the prizes on offer and you will have fewer players taking part and as such could quite easily work your way up to one of the prize paying positions on the tournament leader board with your entry, as you will have fewer players to beat!

Another thing that many savvy online slot tournament entrants have noticed is that as soon as a slot tournament goes live there will be a huge number of players taking their entry in that tournament when it does go live, that can often leads to the server running those games running a little bit slower than it usually does as it is having to serve random number requests to a huge number of players.

That means that by not taking your entry into any slot tournament the very second the tournament opens then you will not be subject to the delays caused by the overwhelmed servers and as such taking your entry later will see you possibly getting many more spins in on your allocated time, so do consider taking your entry later in the tournaments running schedule.


What Types of Slot Tournaments are Available

Do not be under the impression that you are going to have to pay to enter slot tournaments online, for many casinos offer their players range of completely free of charge no risk slot tournaments each day of the week.

However, what you will find is that those free to enter slot tournaments are heavily subscribed, even at the quieter times of the day or night, and as such you have very little chance of actually winning one of them, however they can be great fun to enter so do consider giving some of them a try, as the winning payouts are always there for the taking when you do enter them!

If you are prepared to pay a small entry fee then you will find the paid to enter slot tournaments always offer you the best value as they tend to come with some huge cash prizes on offer. If you want something of an increased chance of actually winning a paid to enter slot tournament then look for the sit and go tournaments for they only have a limited number of places on offer, and as soon as the number of players required to then start the tournament has been achieved those tournaments will then begin.

The best slot tournament sot entre if you want the maximum chances of winning are the head to head slot tournaments, when you enter these types of online lot tournaments there will only be you and one other player playing in them and as such you have a true even money chance of winning one of them. However, it should be noted that the cash prizes offered on a head to head slot tournament are very low as it is the entry fee you and the other player pays which will be awarded to you often less a small house commission!



Never be put off taking a entry into one of the huge numbers of online slot tournaments, for when you find you only have a limited amount of cash available to play casino games with you will find slot tournaments in particular will give you great value and plenty of play time for your money.

Whilst the odds on you winning some online slot tournaments may be huge and off putting by playing the undersubscribed ones or the sit and go and head to head tournaments you will always have more than a fair and reasonable chance of winning.

Just remember that some slot tournaments now let players purchase add-ons and re-buys and it is often the case that the winners of those particular high paying slot tournaments are those players who are prepared to keep on purchasing re-buys and add-ons to increase their tournament score!

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  • Stan Rogers says:

    According to me the best time to take a shot at a slot is when you have the cash in your pocket, and you have time on you to ensure you can finish the game to the end.