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The Art of Playing Pick to Win Bonus Game Video Slots

moonshine-slot-free-spinsYou will be able to select all manner of different video slot games to play when playing at an online casino site and that will mean you are always going to be able to find a slot that is suitable to your slot playing bankroll and also your own unique playing style. Many video slot games have just one bonus feature game that players can trigger when they are playing off a base game spin, and one of the most common types of bonus games are pick to win ones.

Pick to win based bonus games attached to video slot games are the easiest to understand feature rounds for once triggered you will be offered either a set in stone number of picks dependent on how many scatter or bonus symbols you spun in to trigger the feature or you may be awarded a pick until stop type of bonus game on which you can keep on picking locations off the bonus game screen until you uncover a stop symbol or something similar.

However, when you are playing any slot game offering a pick to win bonus feature round there will always be times that when the bonus games is triggered you could end up picking off locations from the bonus screen that only award you with a very small number of coins or even worse when playing a pick until stop based pick to win bonus game you could uncover a stop symbol on your very first pick and as such will not be awarded anything from that bonus game!

With this in mind we have put together an overview below that will give you a few handy hints and playing tips for playing these types of video slot games and we will also point you in the right direction into which of them you should be playing based on the video slots which offer you the best chance of picking up some larger than average payouts via their respective pick to win bonus games.


Which Bonus Game Screen Locations to Pick

One aspect of playing pick to win slot games that requires you to think, is of course in regards to just which locations to pick off on the bonus game screen, however what we would advise players to do is to select a slot game that is going to actually award you with something once you have triggered this type of bonus game, and then allows you to increase the payout you could be awarded with when picking off the locations.

For this will allow you to at least be guaranteed of winning something even if you are playing a pick until stop type bonus game awarding slot and you pick off the stop symbols from the bonus game on your very first pick!

Take the Moonshine slot game for example, this is a Microgaming powered slots and as such you will have to play at a casino offering their suite of games to be able to play it. When the bonus game is triggered you are awarded with a set of initial free spins and a base multiplier value, and by picking off the locations from the bonus screen you are awarded with additional multiplier values and additional free spins.

You will probably save yourself getting too annoyed when playing pick to win bonus game awarding slots by opting to always pick the same locations from the bonus game screen each time that bonus rounds awarded to you for by doing that over time you will find the amount you win from this bonus games will average out and something you will get some very high paying bonus games which will compensate you for the lower paying bonus games you trigger!


Video Slots Offering the Highest Paying Pick to Win Features

Much like you will find some low variance slots that only tend to award low paying winning base and bonus games to players and you will also find some high variance slots that can and do award some huge winning payouts, when you shop around you will find some slot games that can and do give you the chance of winning big when their pick to win bonus games have been awarded to you.

If you want to play some slots which offer massive amounts of cash via their pick to win bonus games then one category of slot game you need to look out for are the Marvel Jackpot slots, these are available at all of our Top Rated Playtech Powered casino sites and when playing these slots when the Marvel Jackpots pick to win bonus game is triggered you are guaranteed of winning one of four different progressive jackpots via the bonus game!



There are no shortages of pick to win bonus game awarding video slot games available online and you will often find some of the older yet easier to play three reel slots may offer you such a bonus game.

However, always make a note of the way in which the bonus games are actually awarded, for sometimes the only way of triggering them is by playing maximum bet spins or if the bonus games are awarded via a set of bonus symbols spinning in on an activated paylines only, then when playing those types of online slot game you need to play as many paylines as you can possibly afford, as that will ensure you always have the maximum chances of being awarded the bonus game.

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