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The Next Generation of Online Slots

immortal-romance-slotIn today’s slot playing article we are going to be taking a look at some of the more recent slot game innovations, and explain how they work and operate. One thing is always going to be guaranteed when you choose to play at an online casino site and that is you will come across huge number of slot games of every possible description.

In fact every single category of slot game will, over each year, have even more new slot games added to it, and getting your head around all of the new base game bonus features and bonus game feature rounds that can and are awarded to players can often cause a lot of confusion.

So if you have been getting slightly baffled and confused with playing many of the more modern, next generation of slot games recently, then spend a few minutes reading through this slot playing guides as you may find some of the questions you have been looking for are answered with in it!


New Slot Game Playing Structures

One of the next generations of playing structures that you are going to find attached to lots of online slot games are the ones known as either All Ways or All Pays playing structures. They are usually found attached to the newer five video reel slot games.

When you play one of these newly designed and structured online slot games you are faced with having to play every possible payline combination in view on the slot games screen. That can often be hundreds or even thousands of paylines per spin.

However, these slots are proving to be very popular with players for instead of those players being forced to place a separate wager on each of those paylines that are in play per spin, they just pay one small increment of coins or any increment of the minimum required number of coins to have all of those paylines live and in play.

As soon as a player from the required number of symbols on reels one onwards on consecutive reels as per the pay table listed winning payout associated with those matching reel symbols, then they are guaranteed to have that combination covered in one of the ways to win in play on that slot game screen.


New Slot Game Bonus Rounds and Bonus Games

One of the most recent new slot game bonus feature rounds that you can be awarded with when playing some of the latest video slot games are known as Wild Reel bonus games. You will find these slot games tend to be attached to the All Ways slot game on which you can play hundreds of even thousands of paylines on every single base game spin you play off.

These types of bonus games may all go by a different name, depending on the slot they have been attached to, but Wild Reel bonus feature rounds all work in a similar if not identical way.

You will simply need t spin the base game reels of any slot offering this bonus game and once you have set the reels spinning there will be some form of animation in play on the slot game screen, and the reels will not stop as quickly as they usual do.

What will happen next is that one to five of the reels will be turned completely wild, this bonus game and the number of reels that will turn wild are randomly decided by the slot games random number generators, and the aim of the Wild Reels bonus feature round is to have as many of the reels turning wild as you can do.

You will often find the number of base game spins that you have to play off on average to trigger one of these randomly awarded bonus games can and will vary hugely, and you will never know just how many of the reels will end up turning wild.

The aim of the Wild Reels bonus game feature round is to have all five reels turning wild, for if you have that happen and are playing for example a 243 ways to win slot then as soon as the fifth reel turns wild you will have formed 243 jackpot paying winning combinations on the slot games screen and will be in for a massive winning payout!



If you ever do end up playing any online slot game and you come across any type of playing structure in play on that slot game or it has some form of bonus game that you have not got a clue on as to how it works, plays or operates then help is at hand.

You should first take a look at the pay table of that slot game and that is done by simply clicking on the Pay Table button displayed don the slot games screen, when clicked you will then be presented with one or more screen on which all of the slot games payouts and bonus games and playing structures will be explained.

If you  find your questions are not answered then most online slot games will also have a special set of help files attached to them and by referring o those slot game help files you will often find a very information packed series of question and answer types facts and figures will be presented to you!

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